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Hey, don't know what you guys are finding but I am getting my inbox full almost everyday at the moment with the latest and greatest course or ebook or whatever showing how to market on Pinterest. The latest craze amongst IMers? My only concern is if everyone gets all over this new social network it will soon get spoiled. Seems such a haven at the moment from all the commercialism that eventually invades every corner of the internet.

What do people honestly recommend in terms of using Pinterest in a creative way without spoiling it... any GREAT quality advice out there not just some cheap WSO thrown together by someone who just started using Pinterest last week?
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    I personally only see people talking about how to select a pic and then link it to your blog or directly to a CPA offer. That is the great wisdom of most Pinterest WSOs.
    I do believe there is an art to selecting the right photos, but for that just apply the same tactics as selecting viral photos for any other social application. With that said, Pinterest is a large and rapidly growing market. So I only expect to see better products released as Pinterest grows and expands.

    Jeff Kanell

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    CPA man, all day
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    There is nothing wrong with CPA, I enjoy it! Just saying that there is nothing new coming out.

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    I can certainly see the possibility and potential for click thrus. As someone who signed on to Pinterest veryyy early on (I've been a member for a year or more now), I can say your best bet will be in monitoring trending topics and staying ahead of population/audience shifts. Over the last few months when Pinterest has overgrown its own capability at times, the audience too, has shifted. Trending topics/pics that were once attracting the "earlier-adopters" are not attracting the same large audiences, now.
    *just a side note to the line of possibilities & strategy*
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    Pinteres is amazing and addictive. But I believe they will start slapping soon because of some bad apple.
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    Is Pinterest mostly visited on mobile phones? Or do people with desktops visit that site too? I went to it on my desktop, and I just don't understand it, it just looks like a collage of pictures.

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