Which automation software would you recommend?

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I'm looking for some automation software. Some features & functions I need are:
  • Ability to handle multiple site/blog editing from one interface
  • Ability to make posts with pics ad affiliate products to different blogs from the same interface
  • A social networking/bookmarking management software where I can check, post, and manage all my profiles/accounts on all the different web 2.0 properties WITHOUT having to go to each site individually. I'd like to use Facebook, Kaboodle, Flixster, Propeller, HealthRanker, Technorati, and all the other goodies more actively. But being active on all of them by going to each one can take up most of the day.
  • I figure there MUST be something out there that can at least store your profile and account info and let you access all of them from one interface.
  • An forum management tool where I can access and post to different forums without going to each site.
  • A content rewriter that can be integrated with the multiple blog automation software so I can post rewritten content wherever I want from one interface.
  • A WP blog creator that can svae me tiome in creating multiple WP blogs.
  • Something that can grab RSS content and feed the entire content, not just the excerpt, through the rewriter. At the same time taking out any links in the original RSS content.
I've been checking out Half Again products like RSSMagician and Content Solution.

Wondering if there's anything else out there I can check out.

Please advise

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    Hi Treb,

    you could check out http://bloggerapps.com and http://firepow.com

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    Thanks Konja, for your input.

    I checked them out, but they are essentially per-month membership software tools. I was hoping to find something that I can own without paying each month. firepow seems the better of the two.

    I've been looking into Mass Automation Tools software. Have you had any experience with their tools? They have a WP Mass Installer and a server based tool that lets you manage thousands of websites from the same interface.

    Any feedback on them before I try them out?
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      bloggerapps is a one-time-fee of $27 which is a great price for that value. it comes with a trial-membership for simplyplr but you can cancel that. bloggerapps is extremely easy to use and automated posting works great. (I haven't tried the social marking tool yet ;-) of course it's only a basic tool, I guess it's not enough to meet your needs

      firepow is better but also much more expensive. I tried it and to be honest, I like bloggerapps' handling much more.

      well these are the only automation tools I've used so far ;-) so hopefully somebody else will add some information...
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