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I often see things as clear as day yet when I try to relate those thoughts, I get met with incredulity.
Like when I suggested that JV Zoo would start a forum and move more twoards being a market place for example
Or when I declared the Death of the Warrior Forum...

Ok, the second one hasn't happened yet but the writing is most clearly on the wall for all to see
Take a look at the sales patterns there and it is shifting most definatley away from it's original format and into something much different.
Some people stated that 2012 would be the biggest year for the Warrior Forum
This might be true but the signs are that the big money will go to just a few key people, leaving just scraps for others to search around for.

There is of course a way to move towards being one of the bigger hitters and riding this wave
But my guess is that most people will soon sicken of $100 launches and look towards more lucrative platforms or ways to earn their money

My feeling is that we should never forget the intentions of the Forum which is to test a product in a select environment before launching out into the real world of internet marketing.

If you follow this strategy, you will soon start to realise the abundence of opportunity outside of the Forum and you will also create alternative income strategies that reach beyond the Warrior Forum, whether it survives, thrives or shrivels and dies.
Whether you agree or challenge my thinking, secondary thinking beyond the Forum is a must no matter what..

My second prediction for today is that this post will be killed before the sun sets. One of you sat around this table willbetray me (pardon the analogy)
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    @TonyGrant, the analogy might be a little over the top :-)

    I am new here at warrior forum so I haven't been indoctrinated to the extent that I would pick up on or move into any herd mentality yet, but my observations as the new guy are this:

    It had never occurred to me that some people would use this forum exclusively for their product promotions and releases (it should have but didn't).

    However, in the few days that I have been a part of the forum I have seen that many people do that very thing. Their products are created and marketed specifically for WF with no visible intention to ever go beyond those walls.

    But I'm not seeing that as a bad or negative thing like you are (unless I have misunderstood your post).

    WF is a good and viable traffic source... And just like any good traffic source there will be people who become experts in that source and do very well with it for a very long time.

    Let's look at an example or two: Craigslist.. It's a traffic source, and some people use it exclusively. They do it because it remains profitable even when a lot of people say it's dead.

    eBay - facebook - twitter... and so on.... These are simple traffic sources and there are people who use them exclusively for their income.

    Warrior forum is an ultra targeted internet marketing niche filled with buyers... I see no harm or dangers in a person using this forum exclusively for their income.

    Many years ago (before the term 'spam' had even been coined), I did a lot of bulk mailing, and I did it exclusively on aol. It was a simple traffic source and I had it mastered, it made me an amazing income, so there was never a need for me to target the internet at large for my mailings... AOL was a great traffic source for me.

    So, while I agree in general that anyone should expand their reach into other traffic streams as well as other income streams, I don't see it as anything new or bad that people choose to use this forum exclusively for their traffic/income.

    Have I missed the point of your post?

    I develop Software - I'll create you a custom program for free as long as it's basically simple - Just PM me... Yes, I'm serious.
    I'm New On WarriorForum - But I'm An Internet Marketing Veteran! 26 Yrs. Of Success... This is what dreams are made of.

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    i only tink that since a while most of the WSO are on the limit of being a rip off , old story with new name , and so on , but some are good for sure still , i would say 1% ! I personally think that before WSO are posted should be review by some old webmaster or guru or commision to certified the quality . The support from the vendors is also an issue sometime . And what i really don't like are all the comment of warriors (?) .." great changin ..and so on ...on page 1/2 and then all the complain from warrior because the buy and test and somethingh is not as picht on the sale page .....i start to think that all the vendors have them loyal fan running with great review just to make others purchase , but all in between warrior i don't find such a nice way for a forum members to act.
    The quality is everythingh i hope nobody forget ( as it's seem ) and not the quantity of the offers.
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