Has anyone here used Sean Lowery for graphics?

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I hear a lot about DesignGuruRyan but he is booked solid. Has anyone used Sean Lowery from minisitegraphics? Thanks
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    Yes, I used him recently to design a full sales letter - plus graphics - and I thought he did a great job. Also, he did it quickly, which was nice. I'd recommend him.
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    Thanks for the reply. Did he format your salesletter for you? Also, how much did it cost to get everything done. If you want to reply via pm you can. Thanks

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    Sean is THE man Seriously! He's also a very busy man though, so I would say you're probably lucky to get in. Sean did every site in my sig plus many more like http://www.ArticleMarketingDomination.com/ and http://www.UltimateLinkBuildingReport.com/
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    I also vouch for Sean. He did a great job on my sales letter.
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    Quality work... hed did my ebook cover...
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    • Yes Sean is great at what he does! You can't go wrong using him.
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        I used Sean for a minisite package, ebook cover and matching blog template. Got the that complete package for $499. It may sound pricey to you, but I think it was a very fair price. He also was willing to do unlimited edits and changes for me...that alone is worth his price.

        I would use him again, but like everyone said, he is busy.


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