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Being that my username is Traffic Bot, I thought it fitting to create a thread about any warriors experience with Richard Newton's latest product launch. I've watched a review of the members area on youtube which can be found here:

Not sure if the software works as advertised so looking for any warriors who have purchased this.
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    Anyone got into this yet? Please share your experiences. If there are any upsells, and how much they are, how many they are...
    Thanks in advance!
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    I found another youtube video by Richard Newton himself describing Epic Traffic Bot how it works and what it does. It can be found here:

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    I just got something in my spam box about this and came here to do some research. If it's as good as onlywire, then I'd like it.
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    Darn. I sat through the whole 10 minute video and the guy never revealed the "discount" link he promised (or I missed it by multitasking).

    I wish anyone who know the creator of this software would let him know that it's a huge trust builder if he'd come on the Warrior Forum and do and WSO with his product. I hardly buy anything from outsiders and I hesitate to pay full price for anything when normally we have such fine discounted products from here.
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    It does look good, can see the benefit of it.


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    There are 2 upsells one is a website done for you package for about 150
    the other is a monthly subscription to epic traffic bot turbo which automates the account signing up process. $45 per month, but when you go to close the window you get a chance to grab it for $25 pm, I did

    I think its avery powerful & effective tool. HOWEVER I also think it needs some serious improvements, the whole system is very glitchy & it seems to be unable to sign up to various accounts at different times, so I'm still working with getting the darn thing to work. Having said that I'm going to stick with it because the value of the backlinks it can create will be worth it
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      I've submitted a request for refund. After 4 days of playing with the software, I have come to the conclusion it is too slow & glitchy for me. The support is just ok, I asked to speak with someone phone/ skype to go over my issues & they ignored my request. I think the software is so new that it has got a long way to go or it is something on my end, but I doubt it is the latter considering there are only 3 topics they are covering in their forum currently. So save your money & time & wait 8 months or so, or find something else. I'm now trying seorobot & in 10 minutes I can see they are lightyears ahead of ETB, but these guys have been at it for a year. Heres the thread on the product if you want to check it out:

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    Have asked for a refund back in May and their staff kept saying that there is something wrong with Paypal and will refund me asap. I keep reminding them by sending more support tickets but got the same reply. It's November now and I still have not received my refund. I don't if I would recommend this product to anyone.
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