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Got email from Howie a week ago about
Anyone have any input on this? Trying to find info online but all I find is info about an "old" course with the same name, nothing about this automation software
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    Yes I have received a couple of emails from Howie as well. Looks intriguing. The video certainly grabs you attention. Yet still trying to decide whether this is worth pursuing!

    Look forward to hearing others WF members who have possibly tried this.

    cheers, Patrick
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    Guys, for what it's worth, in my experience, when a "main stream" marketers uses the term "Black Hat" in their promotional material, it's usually just to achieve the "mystery" aspect of their sales letter.

    When you blow away the smoke & mirrors, their blackhat methods are really just automation methods (think senuke - scrapebox) that sort of thing.

    Real black-hat marketing is doing thinks like click-jacking... Do you really want to participate in that sort of thing?

    Plus, be sure you understand the core of blackhat marketing... Go in fast and hard using some underhanded tactic and start all over again every few days as your "method" gets your sites and accounts banned.

    Blackhat marketing is not a good idea for a business model. Its better suited to making a quick buck and getting out and finding your next set of victims.

    Odds are extremely high that there are no secret or exciting new methods in their course... I can't say this for certain since I didn't buy it, but experience counts for something, and my experience says this smacks of just another hyped up marketing campaign that will ultimately have low content value.

    I develop Software - I'll create you a custom program for free as long as it's basically simple - Just PM me... Yes, I'm serious.
    I'm New On WarriorForum - But I'm An Internet Marketing Veteran! 16 Yrs. Of Success... This is what dreams are made of.

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    That might be the least-credible sales copy I ever saw
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    Thanks Brutal. Appreciate your wisdom!

    cheers, Patrick
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    lol, Brutal was dead on in his/her assessment. Real black-hat is not using some commercially available tool. Back in the day, it was all about setting up doorway pages and killing it with cookie stuffing, etc. Nowadays, mainstream sees "blackhat" and goes "Ooooh...wonder what's under box #1???"
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    From the look of it this is just some social bookmarking software.. and from the looks of it you got to pay a big monthly fee for credits? Wouldn't go that route..
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