Don't promote Anatasia Affiliate, you will be scammed

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I started promoting their dating site focusing on the black dating niche. I promoted it using PPC and media buying. I spent $200 to do this. I got affiliate commission of $265. They refused to pay me and after written them they, claim my leads have funny passwords and the people did not spend more than 1 minutes on the site. I Googled them and find out that they have scammed a lot of affiliates in the past. Recently they started running their offers through Maxbounty. Yet someone a forum also wrote they will scam you whether you promote them through CPA or not.
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    @ideasuniversity, unfortunately just about any business that is using cpa networks for promotion has very high probability of ripping off their affiliates to some extent (some worse than others).

    I don't say this because I have anything against cpa, in fact I love it and make a great income with it, but you have to know going into it that they are going to 'shave' leads extensively.

    Generally you can read their affiliate tos to get an idea of how hard it is going to be to get paid out by them just by paying attention to their wording.

    For example, I found a listing on cj a couple of days ago (I wish I had printed/framed it for my home office). Their affiliate tos strictly prohibited all forms of advertising.

    No, that wasn't a misprint. They actually prohibited all forms of advertising that I am aware of. In other words, this company was letting you know right up front that they were going to rob you of any commissions earned by rejecting your request for payment based on your advertising method no matter how valid or legitimate that method was/is.

    The dating market has to be among the worse in these regards because so many people use blatant fraud in order to generate leads.

    I can say all of this with at least some authority because the same thing that happened to you has happened to me... Except in my case I spent money advertising and right before payday the company opted out of the affiliate program, so I simply lost all investment.

    The true key in this type of marketing is diversification. You really need to be promoting multiple offers at the same time so that if one or two places screw you over, you still have income coming to you from the others.

    In addition, as a general rule of thumb (for myself) I never use paid promotions for a company until I have received at least my first payment from them.

    It's tempting to throw paid ads at an offer that seems to be converting really well (I know) but in general it's better to wait until you have been paid out your first time before spending money on them just so that you can be reasonably sure that they do actually pay out and don't make it a general practice of doing what they did to you.

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    I am into dating/relationship niche as well and was looking around for an affiliate program and came across Anastasia. Although i like their offerings somehow i didn't sign up.

    Now after thread i feel like i did the right thing.

    Sorry to hear about your trouble.
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    Thanks for sharing it... Never liked them anyway...
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      They make me work for near two months on false data.
      They admit their fault, and say that now their technical department are fixing it, but anyway they would not pay my converted leads! I can't believe to what I had just heard! This is unfair!
      On my console there is Unpaid Balance $625... they paid $65.
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