Anyone tried 'Reverse Funnel System'?

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I had seen this long back...And i come across their site just now. This looks promising and also it has money back guarantee. Has anyone tried this? And is good for newbie?
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    I wouldn't recommend it unless you understand advertising.
    The system will cost you $300 a month before you spend
    a penny on ads... plus GRN expenses.
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    And everyone on the planet has been there, done that. This is very old stuff that has had some extremely harsh (but honest) reviews all over the net.
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    ..and pays, and pays, all day, every day!
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    Thanks for your honest opinions. This warned me to google for more reviews. I found the following link where the actual people who were involved in this have given their reviews.

    A Reverse Funnel System Review. Stay away. | I've Tried That

    It's good that i posted in this forum before making any decision... Once again thanks for your suggestions...
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    Hi Jack:

    Thanks for the post. Your question can save many people (especially the newcomer) some hefty fees.

    What should be pointed out is the money back guarantee is great for any product to offer. You can't put a dollar amount on lost time. If you had purchased the product and gave it 2 months without making anything, think of what that prevented you from generating. The time you were investing in the system could have been spent buying other products, writing articles, creating a website, networking with like minded people, and so on.

    Great job not jumping too fast.

    Hope you make a fortune.

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    That' true craig! Time is definitely more important.

    After joining this forum i'm feeling that i should have come across this site long back. I never knew that such a nice forum exists. Anyways... Better late than Never...
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    Ive never heard of it...but it sound really funky..haha
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    I tried it and my recommendation: Stay away.
    It shows that you can research nearly any program on the Forum.
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      Never heard of it......
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