SnagIt &/or Good Alternative?!

by rbowen
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I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has used SnagIt, as well as from people who might know of a better alternative ... better in terms of comparable features & quality, but for a less money.


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    I've never used Snagit so I can't offer a comparative review. But I've always found the last free version of Faststone Capture to be extremely good. Google for faststone capture 5.3 and you'll find download sites.

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    SnagIt is very good software for screen capture, you can also record video with it. I also use FireShot a firefox plugin to screen capture which is free. You can also use other screen capture free extension on Chrome.
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    SnagIt is a great screen capture software. It;'s easy to use, less hustle and really effective. Also, yes, FastStone is extremely good but I don't think there is still a free version. You should give it a try and see results for yourself.

    Best of Luck.
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      In response to
      Originally Posted by Chronic IM View Post

      Also, yes, FastStone is extremely good but I don't think there is still a free version.
      I repeat: Faststone 5.3 is the last free version and if you Google for it you'll find it.
      There are a LOT of places to download it. Just Google "faststone capture 5.3" without the quotes.

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    ScreenHunter by Wisdom-Soft is an extremely good program. It has a very good free program (one of the best out there) as well as a paid version.

    I do have Snagit as well but I prefer to use ScreenHunter, very user friendly.
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      @ Chronic IM -

      I Google'd for it ... faststone capture 5.3 ... like Steve suggested, and I found that their last version, 5.3, is in fact free - and that they switched to a Pay-Ware model with their current version, 5.4.

      Thanks again, Steve.

      EDIT: I think I actually searched for 'faststone capture 5.3 free'.
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    I've used SnagIt for years, very easy to use - better than most and intuitive on both platforms (Mac & PC).

    I've today updated to the latest software and successfully used a 50% off coupon - so a nice result!

    so here you go guys a coupon for 2012 - "JINGPRO" this worked 16-5-2012

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    You might also look into EverNote.

    It has both free and paid versions as well, plus free storage of the stuff you collect.

    I recently heard about it from Andre Chaperon.

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