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All the while, I thought Market Samurai is just a keyword research tool. But after going through the videos through Steven Clayton's Commission Blueprint 2.0 course as IMA member, I must say I am literally blown away.

I learnt that it not only does keyword research but also generates SEO optimized unique content, PPC ads and even salesletters with its powerful built-in system tools as well.

This is from those I realized why it costs much more than most other keyword tools. But before investing $149, I like to know if anyone is using and actually making money from it.

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    Wow, I'm impressed! All along I thought Market Samurai just gives me exact and broad keyword research results. Thanks for the heads up, amuro! $149 isn't so bad at all knowing that it caters to PPC ads.

    About your query, I haven't really thought of making money out of Market Samurai, though. I hope there's going to be someone curious enough to get in this post and share to us if they made money out of this monster of a program.
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    You need to buy to access those features.

    Free trial only gives you limited access to keyword research.

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    MS has made me money and despite the other kw tools I've used/bought, I always come back to it especially with the new rank tracker.
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    I sure hope their rank tracker improved. Are they outsourcing it now?

    While they had problems we've seen a lot of users switch the rank tracking platform to us.

    Rank Tracker - Fast, Reliable & Automated - - free test drive

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    I agree it is a great tool.
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    I didn't like the tool myself, maybe i just needed to be a bit more patient with

    I need Quality Quest Posts.. PM me with lists

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    Market Samurai is really great, this is not just a keyword analysis... Try to purchase not just a trial version and you will see all any other features like domain analysis, adwords and soon.... I'm using this for quite long. In keyword research it will give you 800 up keywords result unlike the free google keyword tool it will only give you 100 keywords result.
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    If what you guys say about Market Samurai is true, then Auto Blog Samurai created by Paul Ponna 2 years ago is just based on that model; keyword research, content creation and traffic generation.

    Difference is keyword research and traffic generation are now his upsells in additional to his main product - Auto Blog Samurai which I already have and created most of my blogs so far.

    Just think of that word Samurai and compare his and Market Samurai's software capabilities and you will know exactly what I mean.

    Correct if I am wrong in saying that Market Samurai was released way before Auto Blog Samurai.
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