Difference between Free SEO Blog software by Jeff Johnson and Firepow by Andrew Hansen

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I can't seem to find out exactly what Jeff Johnson's Free SEO blog software does? Does anyone know? There is also a paid version I think. Does anyone know what the paid one has and what it costs?

I'm interested in Firepow by Andrew Hansen. You can create automated content, bookmark to social bookmarking, submit to rss feeds, add youtube videos, Yahoo answers, submit to blog network, content spinner soon, Firepow plugins, Themes, Link Cloaker, Task Plan ($117-147 per month)
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    The Traffic-Getting-SEO-Plug-In comes in two versions, a free one and one you can only get if you join his coaching club (referred to as the Professional Version). On the surface, the plug-in is a collection of other plug-ins. But the genius is Jeff's plug-in tweaks all of the other plug-ins to leverage their ability to draw in more traffic.

    I used the free one for months and then jumped on board when his coaching club went for $97. I thought worst case scenario, it would be worth just getting the pro version. Honestly, I haven't seen any real changes in the blogs where I've installed the plug-in, but it may be too soon. Hope that helps.

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    I downloaded Jeffs software to my site and it didnt do anything so i looked as to why.His basic or free one is just like 4-5 of the best plugins availiblbe.
    One of them being the SEO plugin.After looking at his plugins seperate from mine,the reason it didnt do much for my site was i had already downloaded the plugins seperatly on my own from an ebook i bought that showed me how to do it.
    I cant say what the paid version is or does.
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    I just want to know what are the additional 7 plugins that come in the paid version and why I must buy the paid version or rather Jeff's coaching program?
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