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Take a llok at this link

If the above link does not show then it is internetmillionaires dot com

You buy the book from Amazon costing about 12 dollars and if you do so within the first 24 hours (that is 26th Feb or 27th Feb) you get some bonuses, and if you purchase after 27th but within the following 24 hours then the bonuses are reduced and so on.

There are no bonuses after the third day.

The offline book has received some rave reviews from well known marketers. It seems to be good. I have purchased it and am awaiting the shipment from Amazon.

The bonuses are available for download but the server is slow due to a lot of traffic. It may take 5 minutes for the sales page to load but I got through in the end.

By the way - the above is not an affiliate link and I am not promoting this in any way. I just thought it sounds interesting and I would be interested if poeple had comments about this book, about Ewen Chia and his other products.

All the best.


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      The link doesn't seem to be working?
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        Originally Posted by w123 View Post

        The link doesn't seem to be working?
        I'm also having the same problem.
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  • They had the roll out for this book yesterday, but had major server problems. Should be able to get it now I think they changed servers
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    I bought the book awhile back actually.

    Honestly, it's a great book for newbies and some veteran marketers alike. For me, I picked up a couple things that I never put much thought into before, and it also serves as a great reference guide when needed.

    And an actual, physical book for $13? That's a no brainer. Takes my eyes off the computer for awhile....
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    The reason explained to me why the link doesn't work is due to their server being hacked. They are in the process of changing servers. They are asking us not to visit the site until they resolve the matter. Here is a copy of the email sent to me.

    "Hi Tom,

    It's been a rough and crazy day.

    You are part of my best and worse
    launch ever!

    One day I'll write a report on this
    and give it to you so we can all
    benefit from it.

    I know this is a weird request -

    but I need to ask you NOT to visit
    my websites at
    and for now.

    For the past 12 hours I've been attempting
    to transfer servers unsuccessfully.

    This is because too many visitors were
    hitting the sites causing them to overload
    - making it impossible to do the transfer.

    Do me a favor and don't go to the websites
    first, *especially*

    I'll send you an email once it's up with
    the subject line:

    Tom, it's up!

    Then you can go.

    Act only when you get my next email.

    Don't worry, you will get the bonuses
    for the book and any other products you
    paid for as soon as the server is up.

    We're VERY close.

    Thanks for your patience.

    - Ewen

    PS. I haven't slept in the last 36 hours.
    Only had a lot of coffee "

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    Yes, got a message that it is an attack. Quite a letdown but I guess it wasn't his fault.

    Just wondering if the bonuses are downloadable instantly? Or do they come in DVD over the post?
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    You'd have thought by now that people would not underestimate their server needs during a launch period. A powerful dedicated server only cost a few hundred dollars. After a month or so, you can move back to something smaller.

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      Is the book available in bookstores?
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    The promotion for this book is crazy. I can't even count how many emails I have received about this.

    A successful launch for Ewen. It is now the Top Seller in Amazon.

    The bonus does not appeal too much, I will wait till it to reach Singapore bookstore before I consider buying.

    Ewen is a Singaporean, well I hope the book will reach it own country soon.


    >>> Johnny <<<

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      I bought this. Seemed a pretty straight forward decision. I am looking forward to having a print book to get me away from the laptop for a couple of hours a day.
      The course is not on DVD for the person who asked. It's a download.
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    It's not all new to buy a book like that offline. Well-known marketers like Joel Comm and Dan Kennedy have made bestsellers with 'real' books.

    And you can, of course, make a fysical book from any ebook of yours. The site Self Publishing - (no affiliate link) makes that possible for quite some time already. You put up your own book and the only costs you need to make, is the one copy of the book you buy yourself. For which you've made a price yourself! After a few weeks, the book is on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and elsewhere, all over the net.

    So many people rather read a well-made book in stead of a pile of prints...

    Yours, warriorly, Ed

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