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Another software service offered by Walt Bayless - Is anyone using this or tried it. The sales copy is persuasive, but looks too good to be true.
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    never tried.. but i would have build it myself rather than taking services.
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    Yup tried it and Walt's Program is a major new look to the old trust Video Niche Creator software. The standalone program lets you crank out YouTube based video sites in seconds from your PC. Now that I know because i bought the original about a year ago.

    From a traffic perspective the goal is to build lots and lots of keyword based video based sites and the program does that very quickly since it truly a php script that is just run over and over. . Then you get them up on the internet. Some folks buy a domain per site but that would get extremely expensive so most use sub domains for their sites. I do have over a few 100 sites and on some I get traffic and on others I have zero traffic. So it is like any adsense mass building program. You will make a few bucks on some and none on others. The fact it takes a few minutes to build makes it worthwhile because you hit a few buttons and it is set it and forget it.

    What Walt does is add in the MASS building of these sites using a web based platform and also on high page rank domains so sites that have links and traffic already. So the strategy works because you build keyword sites even faster with his web based program versus the old or original stand alone programs,

    And you can monetize these sites with adsense or replace the adsense with yourr affiliate programs.

    The sites all look pretty simple so the key is to modify with simple CSS code and or make them look different by adding a wordpress blog or what ever site type you like and then package the two so they do not look cheesy and people are inclined to click around on your links.

    For example This link is a standard video site: Warrior Forum video compilations | Warrior Forum Videos

    Spruce it up with a blog and add a better template and it looks like this --> Divorce Family Issues

    if you click the divorce news link up top you get this Walt Bayliss site --> Divorce video compilations

    Bottom line you build fast keyword rich sites on page ranked domains that have EXISTING traffic and yes build a ton of sites because you will get clicks even if you do nothing because they will get found as mine do everyday and I do nothing.
    Hope it helps.
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    Hi guys, just to make sure people gets this right:
    - I am the creator of Niche Video Site Builder: either standalone script, or the web platform (call NVSB Hosted)

    - Walter created a desktop software kind of using our API to create the websites from your desktop and add a few other processes in the loop. But all these websites are created from NVSB Hosted platform.

    I partnered with Walt to offer a combo of NVSB Hosted and his SuperBot.

    Then you can login into your NVSB Hosted account (to access the web platform) and manage all your video websites from there (change template, add new keyword to the cloud, add content, change ads on the fly, create more websites...).

    Hope this is not too confusing.


    At last, a blog for Internet Marketer and Affiliate Marketer ran by a 7-figures Affiliate Marketer, not a blogger!

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      JP - What is the latest version of your product? I just bought the product but the file says V3 and most of the files are dated in 2008. Some are 2011.

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      Originally Posted by Ethiccash View Post

      Hope this is not too confusing.

      LOL... nope/yep... still confusing. Am not sure I understand what is doing what to who and where now.... <grin> Sorry, I couldn't resist.

      Does teh 14.95 package that I see advetised now... provide everything I need? If I purchase it... what do I have?

      I'm guessing that this is NOT a WP plugin... yes?

      I guess, I THINK that you are providing a web based script that populates one or more of my hosted web accounts with a theme and some content.... videos..... Yes?

      Will your script populate a WP site?

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        Isn't it against YT TOS to have any ads (even adsense) on a page where the main purpose is to see a YT video?
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    what kind of video site site builder, I am very excited, I never use this kind of technologies. where we bought this product.

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    Latest version is V6. It's mostly a template update + engine fix. It was released at the end of 2011. The video tutorials are from V3 though.

    @mattysaff: you can find info regarding the online website building platform here: Niche Video Site Builder - Hosted Pro


    At last, a blog for Internet Marketer and Affiliate Marketer ran by a 7-figures Affiliate Marketer, not a blogger!

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    Well if you are looking for an auto video site builder, you can also check out Video Jeet which is an auto video blog builder.

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    Products that make you awesome

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