Got Any Comments about Facebook "Quick Click Commissions?"

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As if the topic of "Facebook Commissions" were not already HOT enough...

Has anyone used the new "Quick Click Commissions" program?

I never heard of it until some affiliate marketer's e-mail landed in my in-box a while ago, with the title:

"Hot Chick - Facebook Commissions"

Honestly, I would have investigated the "Facebook Commission" portion of the title, REGARDLESS of the "hot chick" reference.

Curiosity about how to generate commission payouts via Facebook is super high... and this program claims FAST plus HUGE income generation.

Also, the program advertising also consistently claims that you need NONE of the usual following items:

-- No website needed

-- No experience needed

-- No SEO needed, etc.

So, What DO YOU NEED? This is the question I am posing to the creative, experienced, and interested warriors here today.

I will admit, this particular program seems and sounds REALLY good. The cost is low, the learning curve is low, the rewards appear to be much higher and even different from the "other" Facebook commission blueprints and programs that already exist.

Can any of you guys make thorough comments or recommendations on this "Quick Click Commissions" program?

For example, I went to the Clickbank marketplace and typed in "facebook commission." The CB Surge application recommends a product called "Facebook Wealth Formula."

However, this one seems nice, but not as potentially powerful as the "Quick Click Commissions" application appears to be. Yet, the exact "Quick Click Commissions" program is not offered on Clickbank at all.

Anyway, my two questions here are:

1. Have you tried the "Quick Click Commissions" program, and did it work for you?

2. Do you see reasonable alternatives to purchasing and utilizing this program?
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