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Hi everyone,

I came across payger shoping cart and membergear membership site software today and was wondering if any one here actualy usese it.

If so is it any good compaired to other shoping carts ?

The reason for the question is this.. I first came across the membership software which is free.. Whilst looking at the fetures it states that the software is used through the shoping cart to proccess payments..

Was i little suspicious over this so was wondering if you use them or have used them and what you think of them..

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    I am exploring PayGear and MemberGear as well.

    My sites are mainly wordpress and I have a bunch of PLR products in HTML. MemberGear seems to be able to handle both wordpress and HTML (much like amember software but I did not want to spend the $179).

    I was looking around to compare PayGear versus the other affiliate systems. Here is a comparison chart according to PayGear: (They win, of course)

    Compare - Instant Commission Shopping Cart and Affiliate Software

    Other affiliates also agree: PayGear is top rated.

    Affiliate Software Ratings

    Intensity is the name of the game: PayGear is the Best Affiliate Marketplace Hands Down - Here Why

    I am not sure why Warriors are not using PayGear when at this time there is ZERO fees for WSO's.
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    Just an update.

    I had to abandon MembersGear. I installed it on a folder that was named different from "membersgear" e.g. "members" or "vip" but I could not get the script to work at all.

    I opened a ticket and Tech support told me that I could install it any folder I wanted. After 2 attempts installing the script from scratch, I still could not make it run. I was only able to run the script when I installed it in a folder named "membersgear". Who wants to be in a folder or directory path called "membersgear" anyway?

    That is it for me with this script.
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      Dear kangenguru,

      I came across Membersgear free software and am trying to find what the catch is, or the hidden gotcha/trap, and cannot find one, but in searching the web for others who had problems, I came across this post by you here on WF.

      I have a simple membership site concept that I will be starting out with, which will have a bronze & silver level. So can you please reply as to ....if the software & paygear have good features, etc then Why do I care that the folder is named membersgear?

      Thank you in advance for your time.
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