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Has anyone any experience of Ewen's "Just Plug It In And Make Money 100% Guaranteed" $997 OTO on his Million on the Internet site?

At this price I would like if someone who has already puchased it to
recommend it or otherwise.
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  • I'm glad that you posted this, as I'm looking for information about this too.

    I know that it's not strictly an OTO as Ewen offers this quite regularly and I'm sure I've seen this (or a very similar offer) before.

    I'm most interested in Component 10 - i.e. getting all of Ewen's future products for this price. I've checked with support and this would include the PLR rights with the main Internet Millionnaire OTO product, and the monthly contingency offered, so there's clearly some worthwhile products there and this would pay for itself quickly.

    I know that the bare main product is not worth this in itself and is something that I could easily recreate.

    Finally, are any marketers offering either cashback, or any bonus offers to this product? As I understand this pays 75%, so there is a lot of opportunity to make money here. If anyone is, please let me know, as I'd very tempted for the right offer.

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      How much do you charge for a site like dat
      This System Pays You 7 Ways on Tools every Marketer Needs
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    I agree, the main product itself is not worth the price.. I might add that if he is still giving you a monstereponse autoresponder account with this offer, my ISP (Juno)won't deliver mail from that domain, they have it blocked.

    Ewen is really good at selling stuff with confidence, and part of it is he is not afraid to high-end price his products.

    I haven't looked closely at that particular offer, but I knew that I wasn't going to buy it as soon as I saw it, based on my experience of buying a similar offer of his a few years ago.

    You can learn to create your own set-up like that for much less, and for an autoresponder just go with something like Aweber which has good delivery.

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    Apart from the main product I too thought the real value might have been in the future products and the autoresponder lifetime account.

    If some ISPs don't deliver from that domain (for whatever reason) maybe it's not so great after all.

    I'm in a cooling off zone just now and will not be hurried, specially with a grand at stake.

    Thanks for your input.
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      I was quite tempted by this offer.

      I know that the website set-up is no big deal, but I also thought the lifetime hosting and future products, as well as all products included, seem good value. I've seen his 'list building' program for sale for $495 on the sales page so it appeared that we would be getting good value. I am currently trying to learn about profitable list building... has anyone tried that program?

      Feedback from someone who has bought it would be good, but for now I'll be patient I think. You guys seem to know what you are talking about. This is a pretty big outlay for me and maybe I'm being overly hopeful looking for something to kick start my success. I thought maybe paying that much money would scare me into working even harder!
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    Wow that is big money, I would also love to hear a review from someone who has made this purchase.
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    I did buy the product. I have not gotten the website yet, that takes 1-2 weeks, but the training is incredible. I haven't gone through it all yet because there is so much but what I have seen so far has been very helpful. Is it worth the price? That remains to be seen. I do like the step by step guidance on so many different topics, the web hosting, and the autoresponder. For just those three I probably would have paid close to or more than what I paid for this package it it includes so much more.

    You always have the money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the purchase. At this point I am not disappointed in the purchase.
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