Wordpress shopping carts - WooCommerce or WP E-Commerce

by BenFitts 14 replies
Which shopping cart for wordpress do you recommend?

WooCommerce or WP E-commerce? These seem to be the two big ones.

If you have used both that's even better. Why do you like one over the other?
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    I have tried to use the WP E-Commerce in the past and was turned off by the complexity of the plugin.

    I am now trying to use the WooCommerce which (as of now) suits my skill and taste better.

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    I haven't yet found a plugin designed for wordpress that really is "the one." I always have to have my programmer do 15 hours of custom work for every install to get it to do what I need it to do. I feel it would look like spam to write my suggestion here but I'm happy to discuss it through p.m.

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    I know WooCommerce is good. But it is going to cost you money for the theme and payment gateway addons. But it is really good. There are free theme availible that is also nice to work with the plugin....

    We handle all your WordPress Content,Theme and Plugins updates!

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    My VA told me if I wanted to use WP E-Commerce on a project I could get someone else to do it.
    The documentation is very poor and from what I have read the support is not much better.
    We went with https://shopplugin.net/ and I was very happy with it - very easy to use and support is good
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    Go with WooCommerce. That plugin is very very flexible. Along with so many other modules available it should be the first choice for anyone wants to use wordpress as an ecommerce website.
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    I tried quite a few before settling on WooCommerce. Main reasons where that it was easier to use/setup and required very few modifications to fit in with my theme.
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    I'd definitely go for WooCommerce

    If you want to get a hold of some premium themes, have a look at WooCommerce | ThemeForest (sort on sales / rating to get the best ones on top).

    Good luck Benjamin!
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      Originally Posted by Wilco de Kreij View Post

      I'd definitely go for WooCommerce

      If you want to get a hold of some premium themes, have a look at WooCommerce | ThemeForest (sort on sales / rating to get the best ones on top).

      Good luck Benjamin!
      I'm trying to integrate WooCommerce with my own theme. I can't figure out how to go about deregistering and registering the shop wrappers to work with my theme.
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    I'll be the oddball and tell you that I'm using WP E-Commerce combined with a store theme from Elegant Themes and I love it. It was a pain to figure out (took me about an hour), but it's a breeze now. I can put a new product up in 30 seconds, the whole thing is tied in with my Paypal account, and I really like it.

    -- j
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    Thanks all. I appreciate all the responses. We're a bunch of programmers so you know how we get all techy but we're going to try WooCommerce for a quick and dirty shopping cart for a client. We're not worried about the cost of the plugins as it saves us a lot of time to use them rather than program stuff ourselves or customize existing software.

    Thanks again.
    Benjamin Fitts
    877-BEN-FITTS (877-236-3488)
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    BC Marketers, LLC - Membership Site Experts
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      I've used both and even though it's been over a short period of time I can tell you it's what your site needs more than anything..

      Woo - has an easier to use interface but if your working with variables it could be a pain.
      WP eC - is not all in one place in your admin but once you get familiar with it, you'll love it. Variations are simple and the main reason I like it is due to it's multi-form functions, You can set up a default form to flow through to your shopping cart with every purchase, and than have secondary category specific forms which unlimited entries that flow to your shopping cart along with the default section.

      category 1 requires '5 keywords' from your customer
      category 2 requires '1 keyword & a description'

      You can create category specific forms so not to confuse your customer. When I tried out Woocommerce I didn't find a flexable option like this.

      Like I said, it depends on what your requirements are!

      Have fun, make money, be happy
      Bob K
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  • I recommend WOO commerce easy to use and very user friendly. Great if you are using this on clients sites.
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    Haven't used wp ecommerce but am a big fan of WooCommerce and all the great extensions that are available. I use it a lot to build sites.
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    As for me, WooCommerce has more opportunities to make your store profitable. I use this plugin and think that it's really good.
    I found an article about WP ecommerce and WooCommerce.
    It shows strong and weak sides of both platforms.


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