Has anyone heard of the millionaire society?

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I would like any feedback on millionaire society as i just joined and it looks good.
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    Robert - wow 96 views, no comments. I'm interested too. Keep us posted; how you do and all.


    If I was making 6 figures why the heck would I need your $17

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    Any news yet?
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    i want to know this as well, is any member here?Can u please brief what is exactly they are doing....
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      I have been using Millionaire Society for some time and it served me as a 'vault of knowledge'. There are really a lot of video tutorials on nearly every aspect of internet marketing and money making online including traffic, listbuilding, review sites, facebook and so on... I think it is suitable mainly for beginers but there are some techniques even experienced guys might not know.

      I think there is still 7 days trial...

      Regards George
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    I share the same opinion as George stated above that it is for beginners.
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    Disclosure: I am an affiliate but there are no links here.

    As I'm big into affiliate marketing I always make it a rule to buy products I promote. The product Mack Michaels has put out provides a good solid base for internet marketers looking to get their feet wet or even seasoned marketers looking for a refresher. It is quite a polished product and i feel it will be beneficial to most however, i'll leave it up to you to decide whether it's worth your money.

    To Our Success,


    AffiliateMarketIt.com - Free Affiliate Marketing Resource

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      It looks like it is 4.95 to start, then 97 a month. However, I received and email with some videos with a link that is it 47.00 a month.
      So what is the cost and how are you all enjoying / liking it now?
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        Took the free triala few months ago. For me, the training and topics they covered were all available on other sites (such as internet university) for free. So it wouldn't be worth paying for. And generally I don't join monthly memberships, unless the sales I make from it are much more than the monthly dues. Of course, sometimes I've paid for a month to try a few things out, but never $47 or $97. Can't say I blame the marketers, since membership sites are very lucrative for them
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    Is this the same millionaire society as the binary trading program which is one BIG scam?
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      This will tell you everything you need to know about this over priced over hyped opportunity.

      "Millionaire Society" by Mack Michaels, found at millionairesociety.com, is an online and affiliate marketing website that dubiously offers you access to their private video mentoring and instructions that they claim will allow you to build a successful online business from home. There are several red flags to watch out for in this one.

      The first thing I'm concerned about is not just that the first page has almost no information about the company but that the second page takes you to their buy-in checkout already! I'm not only annoyed and wary of sites like this, but that second page is alarming when the price says 4.97 at the top, yet at total it says $97. After 7 days Millionaire Society charges this unless you cancel.

      Upon looking into their members' area, I found it especially annoying that there is a lot of information that is left out that could actually help anyone succeed, whether intentionally or not. The information that I did find there is either outdated, rehashed from other sites, and only explains a portion of what you need in order to truly understand how to make a living from online marketing.

      The next item I consider a red flag is that Millionaire Society hands you a replicated site they claim will market three of the top Clickbank products. It's no surprise they deem Millionaire Society as the number one of the top three. Consider this, everyone else who signs up gets the same replicated site, so you're competing with a carbon copy somebody else has, which is really promoting profitbank and Millionaire Society.

      I say their training is useless because all they tell you to do is market on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Theres no one click automated system to speak of. You will be basically promoting Millionaire Society more than your own replicate site. By now most people recognize what you're peddling and will avoid it. It would be a miracle if Millionaire Society brought you the seven figure income the boast about.

      The real motive of Millionaire Society is to get you in there in order to sell you more and more programs that will end up costing you more and more money. It's questionable whether those costly upsells actually do anything for you. Some of the video "lessons" they offer are incomplete, and there's one that shows a copy of the presenter's "Clickbank account" which can be easily fabricated. It wouldn't be the first site to use that trick.

      Since Millionaire Society is sold through Clickbank, you can get a refund up to 60 days if you decide to try it and then go away not satisfied with the product. I don't recommend trying Millionaire Society though, as you can definitely find much better training systems out there.

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