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Anyone here used service to promote CPA offers? Does the traffic convert? What was your experience? What was your strategy?
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    No one uses them?!
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    I was wondering the same thing....they advertise here on WF, but no feedback...hmmmm

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    Type in Google " scam" and you'll see why
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      Trafficmasters truly SUCKS!!! Search here and you will see that there is a slew of dissatisfied Warriors. Try eleavers for ppc I just ran a test campaign this morning and have had 2 conversions thus far
      Hope this helps...Chris


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      Originally Posted by RichardDin View Post

      Type in Google " scam" and you'll see why
      We unfortunately share the same name as a scam called "the traffic master program"

      If you check the results for that phrase in google you will see its a mass mailing scam that has been going on for a while - Absolutely nothing to do with our service which is full page pop under visits.

      I hope that clears up the confusion
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