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Hey Guys

I've just purchased Get Free Commissions and I'm afraid it's another disappointment.

After being bombarded by upsells, a faulty members area link and 24 hours later I finally got in to check it out and wasn't very impressed. They gave me some websites but didn't tell me what to do with them or how to get them set up, the training was confusing and the software they give you is only an article submitter (very basic and I'm sure you could get a WordPress plugin to do the same thing for free).

If you want a clear idea of what this product is and what they give you then below is a link to a full video review I just recorded showing you INSIDE the members area, walking you through it, exposing the software to you and giving my thoughts on the product.


I would definitely advise putting your wallet away and leaving this one.

Hope you find the review helpful .

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