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Hey, guys. I'm interested in getting into Pinterest (no sure of the spelling) as a means to get more traffic and make more sales. Do any of you guys have any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

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    create one pinboard and then publish images.
    thats it
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    Not sure why the above bothered to post, maybe to increase their post count!

    The first thing to do is use the Advanced Search box and see what has already been posted on WF, this helps prevent multiple threads about exactly the same thing. I'd suggest starting a search for pinterest and select 'in post title'.

    After going through those threads, you'll then know enough to start asking questions that haven't been answered and getting specific about what you wish to know. At the moment your question requires a full product to answer. There is a lot to get right with Pinterest and if you are serious about it and don't want to waste time then take a look at some of the better products, 'Pinterest Playbook' is fairly good, but even that has faulty info like saying that all Pinterest links are dofollow - they aren't! So, you need to gather info from multiple sources.

    You need to set up a blog(s) where you post images that you then pin onto your board(s). I don't think it is worth taking the spam route, unless you don't care about building a business and just want to try and make a few dollars before you get account deleted.

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