Jeff Paul's Shortcut To Internet Millions

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I always like to watch the "make money" infomercials on TV late nite, cause it is actually a great way to learn about some very advance and effective marketing tactics.

I recently saw this product on its own 30min special. The testimonies seem almost impossible, but I was wondering if anyone has looked into his system and exactly what he teaches. I am really just seeing if there is anything new to learn here.

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    Stephen, I agree with the above poster about the newest version of the Jeff Paul infomercial.
    (the one featuring Carmen Palumbo, host along with a British blonde)

    I met Jeff before he was in direct response and was still a financial planner (around 1990). He really is a sharp business guy and thanks to his own initiative and Dan Kennedy's help he built a sizeable business.

    The $39 is just an attempt to pay for the infomercial. (there is no profit in selling a $39 package anymore due to TV time cost and other overhead costs.)

    I'm sure there's upsell on the phone when you first call to order as well. Then once you get the package the REAL selling begins. I understand they pound you pretty hard to enroll in coaching which, as was stated, is probably thousands up to tens of thousands. of dollars.

    The claims on the infomercial do seem wildly optimistic for the audience this is pitched at. I notice a couple of the testimonials are people from earlier commercials.

    Of course when you sell a couple hundred thousand packages you will get a few success stories just due to the law of averages. In the past he's also used Shawn Casey and Ed OKeefe as testimonials.

    Frankly I think his big $$ testimonials in many cases were ALREADY successsful marketers who either bought Jeff's stuff long after they got successful and now can claim 'success' from it, in a manner of speaking, since they may have felt it was beneficial.

    OR, they are marketing 'friends' who were provided the programs he sells and liked them enough to provide a testimonial. On one of the much earlier shows, John Carlton was a testimonial, for example. To me, that was really an expert recognizing another expert pro.

    However, late night viewers buying this stuff probably think all these nice glowing reports of success are coming from rookies at marketing and the internet. They would probably be wrong, imo.
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    Originally Posted by honestbizpro View Post


    All I saw was Hooters!

    Like watching Rich Jerk...The Movie.

    Saying as we are on a multilingual board with many language speakers talking in different ways, could you please explain Hooters!

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    lol I saw this is on TV the other day, obviously too good to be true.

    Like another poster said, I believe they try to get you to invest in this course and coaching, and the more you invest, the better you'll do, etc, etc.
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    I bought jeff pauls course back in 2005 for $39.00 After that, One of his up salesmen talked me into spending 75% of my entire savings ($6500) All I recieved was a box full of outdated/rehached technics:confused: They still wanted a recurring fee of $65 bucks or something like that. They swore that if I couldn't make any money that they would practically do it for me themselves I tried very hard to get a refund, no refund for me put it this way, if I see jeff pual in person after I'm done with him, He'll be looking like
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