Recommendations for a good Keyword Research/Niche Finding Guide?

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I am kind of a newby. I just havent made a full time income off my efforts because I believe I am missing bits and pieces.

I promoted a "make money online" affiliate program back in 1999. All I did was copy and paste some source code off of some #1 position sites from excite and lycos. It made me a few hundred bucks. Those were the good old days.

Every couple of years since then I come try to make some money and fail pretty badly from buying bad info guides and lack of patience.

Now I am on the right track (I think). I have managed to get few sites to page one and sometimes #1 for my keywords on G. My main issue is with keyword research and finding good niches.

Just need some good reading on helping me in the process of finding the right keywords and brainstorming for good niches.

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