Quiz App Arbitrage???

by speedfrog Banned
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Anyone know what happened to this or what the status is? I wanted to grab it right before it shut down for updates but I am now wondering if I got lucky not buying it. All the post on the FB page for this were deleted and continue to be deleted daily it seems.

Was this just a smash and dash?
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    you know what? i'm wondering the same thing. the last i heard was the receipt of a license key on June 20. have yet to get a download.

    not very good signs. i'm wondering who else bought and has been left hanging. paypal allows a 45 day argue-and-return policy.....might take advantage.
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      Remove this if need be..but I have been waiting patiently, then strung along with heres a code...heres the link...over the past months...then no instructions or promised videos to show how to set it up, and work it. So I asked. Was told to go to a group that has Q/A but found nothing as promised for instructions and videos to set it up..so basically I still dont have a product from this FAUD.
      He wrote me after my request:

      Wauw, thats all I can say, the time and energy you use to find those 1% complaining assholes who look at the story from 1 perspective just says it all..

      I deleted Dude, you seriously think I have control over WF postings but yeah...I delte the garbage? Do your homework better before you start to make assumptions..

      Also, when you use the word "WE" and I correct you to speak for YERSELF, as I have more customers than you can coun, I make big bucks with out youz, it has nothing to do with the English language.. perhaps you should consider to be less ignorant than you already are?

      Your "discriminative" tone in your other message, was really "UNCALLED" for (thats how you spell it, not "IN CALLED", check your previous email!) 2 can play that game you moron!

      So how about this..

      I no give **** bout you COMPLANG, me no give **** bout FROGS (literally) and me no .GIF **** bout you opinion... how's that for PROPER English?

      Oh, Im asking whats your Paypal email address so I can refund you? Last chance amigo..

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    Sounds like a really nice guy.

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      After waiting another t20 weeks for the videos and directions to the Quiz Arbtrage, I asked if they went out or when we could get them...(Mind you we bought this product in may I believe)
      I now find out, he cut the product off from me, never provided info, and kept my money...all with out telling a customer of his, and the "product"

      He wrote me...

      "Hey mr Racist, you suffer from alzheimer or something? You are no longer a customer of QAA and I have asked you several times to provide your paypal email that you used to purchase "

      I never requested a refund, as I wanted the full product, and spent so much time waiting for its delivery- 2 months plus....

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    Hmm, I find this interesting. I got my license, my install link and a pdf. It all works too. I am however looking for a video, That would be nice.

    I was always "in the loop" and received the updates when I was told.

    Fuad is a good guy in my books. He is very straight forward.
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      After listening to all of Fuad Tolieb's dancing around for Quiz App Arbitrage... big promises and no delivery, and then shutting down his Facebook page and no more communication... I finally asked for a refund on the main purchase and OTO after giving him every break in the world... and guess what? No response from Fuad Tolieb. He's not someone to trust apparently. In my opinion you should never trust Fuad Tolieb. Apparently he was dancing around until Paypals 45 day refund period had past and then incommunicado.
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