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Anybody purchased Quick Money App yet?

It has a really cheesey video on the sales page with terrible acting but that doesn't necessarily mean the product is bad.

I am skeptical however of any 'three click software' solutions and have never heard of Andrew Deale.

At $49 ($39 offer upon exit) it's not terribly expensive but I'm not ready to jump till I hear from some Warriors.

Any reviews?

Ernie G
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    Terrible acting, yes.
    But if you skip bad acting, nothing has left.
    Not good.
    Not a single word about the product..
    'you enter your email and money starts to roll in Clickbank account'.
    The question is : whose account ?
    Or, does the question has any sense ?
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    I also saw a promotion for this and it is amazing how it won't even give you a clue what it is about.

    I;m waiting for someone to try this out and tell us exactly how is this thing suppose to work.

    Untill I know the mechanics of this opportunity, I won't jump in and blindly put my money on the table
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      I was soo intriqued by the "impossible results" in the video that I purchased the basic $39 product to find out what the miracle was :confused:

      Short story, there is no "miracle" quick cash app as you see in the
      sales video.

      Longer story:

      Its pretty much the same old stuff. You encounter the usual
      get your 2K$ website and hosting OR build your own site plus
      hosting options .... a load of upsell/downsell options and a done for you
      campaigns option (none of them cheap!). Eveentually you get to
      the members/product site where you can access the product(s)
      you purchased, 5 pretty basic videos and a load of "bonus" thirdparty
      offers. PLUS you also get to download your miracle quick cash app
      NOT! You actually get 3 basic small apps plus pdf instructions for
      each. Notably these are seperate and not integrated ... so not


      Nothing I have not seen dozens of times elsewhere.
      Nothing like the sales video unless you have already invested
      considerable time and money in all the other stuff and have a
      functioning IM site live.

      You choose
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        Definitely one of the cheesiest non-disclosure videos I have ever seen. I was tempted to buy it to see what it was, but I did a few Google searches first, and fortunately found this post. Thanks Mike purchasing it and giving everyone a heads-up! Man... I hate scammers!!!!
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    Perhaps if he metnioned what it involves he will give it away to easily? I don't know - no idea who this guy is or what he teaches. I've made relatively easy affiliate income with free mobile apps, but not ClickBank - mobile CPA networks. I know if I hinted at what I was doing you would quickly be able to peice it together. Who knows, this guy might be doing the same thing as I was doing. But not sure I would be willing to sell my methods for $49. Tempted to buy it to calm the curiosity, but no doubt the upsells will be more thas a measly $50.
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    ..if I get it I'll fill you folks in. Not sure I have any time this week to look through it though.
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    Another one with a fun video but not much substance. They are all actors by the way. Better to save money on fiverr gigs, ppc, and different outsourcing projects which is where i spend most IM related activities these days and get better results than any clickbank guide ever purchased.
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    Simple Math Here: If he makes soooo much money per minute...what stops him from making millions per day?

    The fact that people would even be intrigued about such BS amazes me!

    Anyways...i hope you wont make a mistake!

    PS..the post above me is a blatant affiliate ad!

    PPS...I just wanted to add that there are 13 more products online that are sold by the same dudes behind this product and they all have almost the same upsells and very expensive within member's area purchases! Also the sales page NEVER tells you what you're actually buying as a customer..heck even as an affiliate you dont get to understand what it is that you're selling!

    So watch out people!
    I.M Hound: Intelligent Business Solutions & I.M News
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    I looked in to this quick money app. Think it came out on July 2 and already the net is loaded with affiliates hawking this. I read a few of the reviews and can't find any one who make CB commissions - at least not yet.

    I don't like this one, But I did a review on it with a don't buy commendation.
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      Hey guys and gals,
      Thought I might throw a little light on this somewhat dark subject matter that has already become a little exposed.
      There are three up-sells.
      #1 - Affiliate Rockstar Alliance - $297 - Video training, personal email and chat during webinars.
      #2 - Done For You Profit Centers - $195 - Copy-paste campaigns to save you time and research.
      #3 - Traffic Accelerator Platinum - $97 - It directs your traffic to your affiliate offers based on the traffic you receive then it matching it with the keywords you have added to the system. Over 1400 top converting products, apparently off the radar niches, also claims to give access to more than 3 million hot keywords with more pouring in every week. There is a bit more to this one than that but this is as far as I'm going to lead this blind dog down the "Do you want to buy this path."
      Hope this helps. By the way the dogs an actor too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ernie G
    This is why I love the Warrior Forum... whenever I'm uncertain about a new product launch I can come here and get the real truth about it. Warriors like yourself have saved me hundreds of dollars.

    Ernie G

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    Awesome support everyone. What is more crazy is the fact that Clickbank is approving this product. I thought they went through a change months ago and were being more selective with their approval process.

    Just think about the hundreds of thousands of people on "list" that don't know about the warrior forum for investigation.
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    Avoid this like the plague!

    The old expression is "do not buy a pig in a poke."

    98% of the time I am right, why worry about the other 3%?

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    If he can earn more than thousand a day, he just needs to create 10 or 100 accounts without needing to sell his software for $39!
    This type of software just to cheat the new comers in IM who desperately want to make money and end up loosing more money!
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    A lot of these BS this days are being released. Most of these product launchers hired paid actors to make their products look like magic. Indeed, this "Quick Money App" involved lot of terrible acting. Most of these guys left clickbank for clicksure because of complain of either huge refund or unapproved by clickbank. Just beware of these one click wonder software. In the real world, there is nothing like one click wonder or magic software.
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  • Profile picture of the author LifeIsGood
    Thanks. You saved us a lot of time and possible anguish.

    LifeIsGood ~ It's About To Get Even Better!
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    I love WF. I got this in an email from a Warrior so I thought it might have been legit.So glad I checked first.
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    Oh no another blind offer!

    besides de bad acting and the "too good to be true" alert, there is the fact that is selling trhough clicksure but the affiliate page says something different and I quote...

    "So are you ready to start promoting? Our affiliate program pays a WHOPPING 60% commissions on EVERY product and it’s ran through Clickbank. You can expect to receive your commissions in less than a week in most cases!
    So here’s what to do next:
    Grab Your Affiliate Link
    (Simply replace XXXXX with your Clicksure nickname)"

    They say it sells through clickbank and put a clicksure link... that means that they intended to push the product on clickbank and get rejected or they are banned from clickbank...

    No reference about what the product is or does either... will you dare to promote it to your list? can you take that risk?

    food for thought...
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    Just a quick note people - transparency is missing throughout the whole sales video - this was sent to me by another Warrior - who said - who the hell would buy from this video - this has to be the scammiest video sales page ever! - now I am never one to criticize products - I'm sure he or she has worked hard on their product - however if you ever see blind sales copy then there is only one course of action - stay well clear, if there is no indication of exactly what this thing is then close immediately - stay well clear

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    Thanks to all the WF peeps who took the time to add their reviews. I was skeptical to say the least and now I will go and spend my $39 better else where!
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    After about two minutes of the sales video I closed it down and unsubscribed from the lists who'd sent it to me. What rubbish!
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    Just stopped myself from spending another 39$ in the nick of time... remembered to come and take a look here first! This place is really great. It should be compulsory for newbies...

    Have a great day everyone.

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    And they just keep on comin' ... Same ol' crap ... But wow, wouldn't it be nice if the fantasy was real???
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    IM rule number one.

    There is NO SUCH THING as push button riches in business.

    The only reason people fall for this type of thing is because

    1. It is what people deep down really want/ they want to believe it.

    2. Being online the seller can hide behind IM related jargon like "algorithms" and keywords and "traffic" and trick people calling by it software.

    Would you believe it if it was offered for an offline brick and mortar business (all business require work and commitment) IM is no different. Don't let anyone trick you into thinking that success online is a walk in the park.
    Don't believe everything you think
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      Thx for a great discussion on this - just heard about it today, and all it took was 5 mins on the warrior forum to find out it's just another scam - thanks everyone for the heads up!
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      Originally Posted by Oliver Williams View Post

      IM rule number one.

      There is NO SUCH THING as push button riches in business.

      The only reason people fall for this type of thing is because

      1. It is what people deep down really want/ they want to believe it.

      2. Being online the seller can hide behind IM related jargon like "algorithms" and keywords and "traffic" and trick people calling by it software.

      Would you believe it if it was offered for an offline brick and mortar business (all business require work and commitment) IM is no different. Don't let anyone trick you into thinking that success online is a walk in the park.
      Closest thing to push button riches is BUILD A LIST then keep pressing the SEND BUTTON

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        This looked even better than ZeekRewards!
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          I wanted to see what the product or so called software was
          In the end u pay $39 for a software that just generates Facebook fan page websites which you can find better ones in WF :p and basically just ask u keep making them to make money and Facebook will magically promote for you :p

          So called make $100 to $300 money from fan pages in a day is really hard to believe it just sad I think the people he found near his house are also actors I guess and not random people.
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            Unfortunately I got sucked into the program and bought it.

            It is about building fan pages on FB and promoting amazon and clickbank products. Of course they dont tell you any of that upfront before you buy.

            I had to send like 6 emails before I got my refund. They kept offering to help me with anything I needed and then they offered some free programs.

            I did finally get my refund.
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    thx guys! bombarbed with this offer from super affiliates these few days

    I'm Buying Health Solos, please PM me if you are selling!

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