Xsitepro users... help please.

by dmarze
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Can anyone give me more about this:

Xsite Pro Black
Power Up Xsitepro

Are these products the same? Look like only price is different.
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    Never heard of power up xsitepro... where did you see that..

    the latest xsitepro is v2 and well worth the money..

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    I have a copy of XSitePro since last August. No longer use it, so if you want the license transferred to you, PM me.

    Can give it to you for $50. A steal!

    XSitePro offers just about anything you need to make your site look "pro" without knowing too much about the technical side of things.
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      I'd check the terms before posting in public trying to resell xsp. I doubt the license is transferable.

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        The license with my copy of Xsitepro came with the ability to use it on two computers.

        If Xsitepro2 is the same then that may be an alternative for someone else to use the software
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    I have obtained a nice collection of Landing Page templates from the guys running PPC Classroom (and) the Google Cash Detective that include;

    1) Review Site Templates (vertical and horizontal)
    2) Content Site Templates
    3) Blog looking format

    I need to figure out how to IMPORT the files (3 folders) into XSite Pro

    Willing to pay $$$ (reasonable fee) to an XSite Pro 'expert' to either;

    1) Take one of my templates and import into XSite pro (v2)
    2) Provide me with 1-2-3 steps on how to do it myself

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      Hi J Neil

      You can email a sample template and I can test it.

      I'll then let you know if there are any issues
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    I've never heard of Power up XsitePro. I have however just purchased XsitePro2 and I think its great, would recommend it to you.

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