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No affiliate link here... this free report is incredible. 89 pages and better then any ClickBank CPA product. Yes it is a presales thing and if i am not suppose to put stuff like this here then remove this but I was seriously impressed with the quality that he put into this.

It is no ordinary free prelaunch report. The thing is good.
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    It's very impressive. This is not a simple freebie - at 7mb and 89 pages he's put a lot of work into providing a quality overview of how to do CPA.

    It looks as though he's packed Pay per Click Formula 1.0 into 89 pages.

    He's about to release Pay Per Click Formula 2.0. It doesn't hurt to build up your mailing list with fresh, targeted leads just before a launch. It also shows his ability to deliver quality content. A clever piece of marketing and a good read.

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    The guide is usually targeted for beginners .

    Mostly contains basic staff .

    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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    Hello Friends
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    I was very impressed with the level of detail in the main product and I thought the other products you could get for referring more people were extremely impressive too.

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    Yeah, he emailed a link to me and it is a fantastic resource for everyone interested in CPA and PPC techniques. I wish I had this before I signed up with Arbitrage Con.
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    I hope PPCF 2 will be affordable!
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      This looks awesome. Great Thread. Thanks
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    The ten short traffic videos are great for newbies.

    Internet Marketing Growth Hacks

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    LOL. What u guys don't know is that the free report is rehashed from his Science of Getting Rich Quick.

    This guy makes too much money with CPA to have any time to churn out free reports.
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