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Hi Everybody,

I have been considering joining GVO. Does anyone have any experience with them?
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      What is your motivation for wanting to join GVO.

      Yes, I would be interested the answer to this too

      Is it ....

      The money?

      The product?

      Something else?

      I'm not a members (I use a full suit of tools from another supplier which, IMO, are of greater value both financially and in relation the tools themselves) but have a pretty good knowledge of both the GVO tools and the opportunity on offer.
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      Originally Posted by joseph7384 View Post

      What is your motivation for wanting to join GVO.
      Well, the answer is simple. To make money and use the product.
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    I have had experience with them some time ago. I was a member for a few months.

    They have a lot of things going on now that I really have little knowledge of. However, if things are still being handled as they were (and I'm confident they are) you can rest assured they are about the most honest and open company I have ever dealt with.

    I would still be a member now, but the company I was working for shut their doors. I was a slow learner when it came to IM. I dropped my membership because I couldn't afford it. If I had known then what I know now, I had the answer I needed at the time in my hands.

    I learned more from that experience than anything else online. Even after I cancelled my membership I was still allowed to log into the members only training for a long time after (several months). Not many companies will allow that. GVO is loaded with some very sharp and experienced people freely sharing their knowledge. Terrific bunch to learn from.

    Make no mistake, they are marketers. There are upsells and new promotions, but the current membership is always given first shot at some real bargain prices.

    Let me put it this way. Even though I don't need the hosting any more, I may join back-up just for the perks and interaction with other members. I'm waiting a little while though as right now it would be too much of a distraction for me. Maybe in 3-4 months.

    They have a 14 day trial. Check it out yourself. Best customer support I have ever seen.
    I think they offer good value on their products. You can find cheaper and probably as good. You won't find better people though! If you are looking for a lot of member interaction, that's a great place to be.

    Rex...and no...I don't work for or with them
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    Had a dedi with them and it was an awful experience. Their support is a total joke. If you have any problems with your hosting good luck with support, you are going to need it.
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  • Hi to all. By my side I tried GVO last year, the price it's the unique positive point. For the rest, I didn't appreciated much the webinar area.
    Also the guide and tutorials are missing some key parts, and if you could run the Conference Room properly, you are ok. Otherwise good luck.

    I deleted it in 2 days. But their email continues to come in my spam folder.
    A bit spammy.

    See you soon,
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    What are your requirements & budget? What are your long term goals & growth projection as well?

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      I have been with GVO since the very beginning, when they were wwkiosk.

      I have been marketing online for 12 years and have about 30 domains,
      most of them hosted with GVO.

      The owner, Joel Therien, is a straight-up, honest guy, which is extremely
      important to me when I join anything online.

      The thing I love most about GVO is the super fast and efficient support.

      Whenever you have a problem, you simply log into your member's area
      and click on the link for Urgent Support. Your support ticket goes straight
      to the Tech's pager and they take care of it immediately.

      I have shared hosting, and not dedicated hosting, so I have no experience
      with that side of GVO.

      The service itself has been very reliable, and the business opportunity
      side of it is an added perk.

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    I've been with GVO (when they were known as 'Kiosk') for almost 4 years now, and have been very happy with them from the beginning.
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      I was with them but have now cancelled.
      the hosting is cheap $9.95 month,but the basic is only 4 domains
      you get a free autoresponder and some training.
      As mentioned earlier the supprot is a joke.
      my site account kept dropping off my access to my webhosting manager and I had to keep going to support to get them to fix it so I could log in.
      I got so sick of it I just cancelled even though they pleaded to give it another try
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    Never used GVO myself. I've heard the pitch and had some interest. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll stay with my current hosts.

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    Hello all.

    I too am interested in GVO.

    I've read a few Pros & Cons here about the company. So, I am yet to decide on whether joining them would be worth it or not.

    Part of my interest in GVO, is that they pay out through Payoneer. And for this reason, amongst some others, I wanted to give them a shot.

    Any constructive feedback, would be much appreciated.
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    I can only reiterate what I said in #10 above: "I've been with GVO (when they were known as 'Kiosk') for almost 4 years now, and have been very happy with them from the beginning." ...only it's closer to 6 years now.
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    So I'm with GVO more than 1 year right now. And I'm happy with this and going to be longer. Of course there are another very good companies but for newbies like me it's very good solution. Cheap as 9,97$/month is not to much for hosting and all this tools. Easy to use so to be honest I don't need to use to often their support. But of course I did this in the past and everything was ok. And at the end I like GVO affiliate program as it's nice solution for doing money online. Especially when you have luck and join to someone who build quite a big structure of new clients.
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    I consistently have issues with GVO hosting. I just took a look at all the support tickets I've entered over a year's time and there are quite a few for the same problem. The biggest problem is their Disk Space being too full. Now, this is on their end, not mine. My domains have more than enough disk space assigned to them which I control. The issue is on the server side. Last time they told me they were cleaning up a few servers and it would be functioning within 4 - 5 hours. That was after having to wait 4 hours for the support ticket to be answered.

    And now the same thing is happening. Wanting to upload some files to my website and I get the same error AGAIN. If it isn't one thing it's another with these guys.

    I remember when they were Kiosk and everything was fantastic. The support was very quick and Joel always made sure things were handled. but now it seems there are more and more issues with overloading the servers with too many domains. I am on the reseller hosting package but have since also gotten a HostGator account because GVO is so unreliable.

    Looks like I have a summer project ahead of me... Moving my sites to a more reliable server away from GVO.
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      It's a nice idea, a product for marketers made by marketers. But overall it's not well executed since they spread themselves thin over all their products.

      It might be cool if they just did conference rooms and hosting. But then they have the autoresponder service in there too.

      Most marketers I see pushing it only do so for the nice commission. I don't play games like that. I'd prefer not to refer people to a product that's presented well but performs poorly.

      With that said the only function i have used is its autoresponder and for some reason it just didn't register as many subscribers as I was actually getting.

      That is massively annoying since I might be losing out on 50% on my subs but have no idea. I realized this when i received support emails asking me about my services which should have been in the email follow up, but because they were never registered as a subscriber nothing was sent out.

      They also won't shut down marketers for spam complaints, but i think that's a bad thing rather than something good because you get all the spammers that don't give a shit about their newsletter quality.

      That then affects deliver ability of emails etc. It's just not good practice, but hey some marketers swear by it so that's fine.
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