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Hi All,
Please let me know who do you think is better PRweb or Press Release Monkey?
1) Which Service is better?
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    I haven't tried Press Release Monkey before. But I am familiar with PRWeb, and they are really great. I usually get good results from them. Although it has been awhile since I have done a press release with them.
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    PRweb. Even though kind of expensive, it's worth it for each press release that you create.
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    Never heard of Press release Monkey. I stopped using PRWeb once I found

    Huge reach solid back links 1/3 the cost of PRNewswire, Marketwire, PRweb, etc....

    Also use's free releases - good natural back link.
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      Originally Posted by intergen View Post

      Never heard of Press release Monkey. I stopped using PRWeb once I found

      Huge reach solid back links 1/3 the cost of PRNewswire, Marketwire, PRweb, etc....

      Also use's free releases - good natural back link.
      Do you get dofollow backlinks with MacReportMedia?? What do you think about the quality of articles which are submiited by MacReportMedia? the same as PRweb??

      Many thanks.
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    Unfortunately, that's kind of a tough question to answer. The answers you get are going to depend on alot of things that have nothing to do with the sites themselves. For example, you might hear from someone who hates PRWeb and had no success with it -- when, in reality, he had a poorly-written press release on an obscure subject, and that's the real reason it didn't pan out.

    Here's my suggestion -- head to both sites and take a look at their distribution list. That way, you can see what kind of news outlets they're going to send your press release to. I've seen a bunch of sites that brag about distributing to "thousands" of news outlets -- but they're all news outlets you've never heard of, that no one pays any attention to. I know that PRWeb has a good distribution list (not sure about Press Release Monkey, as I've never been on their site), but a few minutes on the sites will tell you all you need to know about which one is better for you
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    Check out Press Release Monkey ... I have ordered one already from them (the Gold package), and I have another one I just ordered last night. There new platinum package comes with a PRWeb distribution, so you are getting both for only $300.

    They also will write your PR for you ... and the one they wrote for me was extremely well written. I was very happy with not only the PR writing, but also the distribution (GOLD package).

    Developer by day ... need any development work done (I specialize in .Net and Web Development), send me a PM.

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    why not do it your self, or sub contract out the parts you cant or do not want to do. ODesk has a lot of pr writers, and getting submitted to a wide audience is not as hard as it sounds.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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    I use PRWeb. I purchased an annual subscription which reduced the price per press release by a ton. I've never used Press Release Monkey, but I'm very happy with PRWeb. I paid full price for one PRWeb press release and was happy so I paid for an annual subscription.

    If you get into doing press releases regularly, ask about bulk discounts ... the savings are huge ... at least with PRWeb. I actually negotiated to lower the stated subscription price. They're keen to sell subscriptions.
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    PRWeb is pretty well known, i've heard good things about them
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    Bulk discounts are worth asking about. We offer healthy discounts on our bulk press release packages.

    Probably best to try each of the two services once and see which works best for you.


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    My vote is for Press Release Monkey. They actually write the story for you and they use PRWEB in their "Platinum" plan (which is the only one I use now). I've used PRWEB alone before and Press Release Monkey gets you about twice the distribution. For the price it's the best deal for sure.

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    Hey Press Release Monkey as they write and submit - including PRWeb and others

    Helping businesses sell more online

    SEO in Birmingham UK.

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    I like Press Release Monkey because they write and distribute your press release for you. I've had them write press releases for me and I was very happy with the results (and I'm not easily impressed

    Here's a Press Release Monkey coupon code that I use to get $50 off their Gold or Platinum packages. That means that you can get a press release written and distributed for $99!

    Press Release Monkey discount code: 50OFFRR
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    so you only have 1 coupon code for press releases?
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