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by Khemba
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Hi - I'm a firm believer that everyone at some time or other should have a coach or mentor to help take them to the next level - however with marketing it can be a bit trickier as there are so many different areas to take on-board:confused:

Have any of you had any successful experiences on here with a good online marketing coach (s) that you would care to recommend - Someone with good all-around marketing strategies.

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated - Thanks

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    As you say, it's tricky because it's such a big subject and much depends upon where you are with your skills, knowledge and experience and what you want to add to what you already know.

    Personal mentors don't come cheap ($5000 and upwards)

    However, at a fraction of the cost of a personal mentor, you could join Mastermind groups where you can benefit not only from the mentor who's available to all members (usually limited to a reasonable number) but also from fellow-members who share their knowledge and experience on skype chats.

    Or sign up to a coaching membership program for a specific or general IM training.

    Masterminds I'd recommend:

    For WSO launches - Martin Crumlish (Icun)
    For taking your IM business to another level - Paul Clifford, Justin Wheeler, Mark Thompson & Peter Garety partnership - IM Professionals Mastermind Group

    Across the board training in various skills in Online Marketing:

    Jim Edwards' The Net Reporter.

    Apart from Jim's membership site which is really good for learning skills and so being isolated from other members is not an issue, I'd focus on mastermind groups that have Skype chat and FB interaction so that you can have your questions answered throughout the day, every day depending on how many are online at the time.

    I've found these so beneficial to my business that I wish I'd joined them a long time ago.

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    Well, consulting with any coach, I would like to participate in forums like Warrior, here you can find experienced members, you can get your questions solved, so this is real, and you would know how they are working practically, you can learn from their experience.
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    What kind of coaching are you looking for? I only work with Offline Marketing for those who want to handle Internet Marketing for Business Owners.

    Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
    Click here to learn more - Digital and Social Media Marketing Training Course

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    Maybe joining a membership site could be helpful, Chris Farrell's membership has taught me so much in just 4 months. Was a total newbie, now have a full functioning web business.
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    Without a doubt - James Schramko - Fast Web Formula.

    If you're not a member, you're missing out big time. It's been the best investment I've ever made.

    Internet Business Training :: James Schramko :: Fast Web Formula 1 2 3

    (non aff link)

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    There are WSOs by warriors that offer 1 on 1 coaching, check it out. If you are looking for any mentor, make sure they are making money in this business and they have been doing it for a long time.
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    My mentor was a friend of mine. He taught me some tricks of the trade, but like a true master, he kept the important ones fro himself.

    Tie Guan Yin
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    You are welcome to join The Newbie Launch Pad which is a no hype private FB group. We have 68 members now and despite the name quite a few full time product creators. Always someone on hand to answer questions and lend a helping hand. Also a bunch of members have got together to create a product. So a lot of exciting things happening.
    Plus of course it is free.

    Become a Digi Warrior and join us in the successful Dig Warrior IM Academy
    Join us at

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    I'd only recomend getting a coach if you are
    A) looking to learn and earn fast
    B) Have a healthy bank account

    A majority of people here, are here because they want money and typically will not have the 1000's of $ to spend on a good coach/mentor, and coupled in with the fact that there are some very good ones, BUT a hell of a lot of bad ones just wanting your money!

    The WF itself can offer you the same mentoring/coaching, it justs takes a little longer to find what you need, and above all it free!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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    My highest recommendation would be to find a mentorship online.

    One that has an affordable monthly subscription and offers a beginning to end step-by-step tutorials that show you how to build a successful and sustainable online business.

    Actually being able to look at what someone who is successful is actually doing is key to truly understanding how things work.

    Always check to see how good their membership site is by looking around for any comments on the search engines.

    There are many fantastic online membership sites but there are also some that do not even come close to delivering the goods.

    Hope this helps and have a great day!!!
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    Anyone making a full time living from what was taught from above referenced?
    No signature, I'm sure you will be ok.
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    im taking that as a no hahaha
    No signature, I'm sure you will be ok.
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      Originally Posted by cchipster View Post

      Anyone making a full time living from what was taught from above referenced?
      Originally Posted by cchipster View Post

      im taking that as a no hahaha
      I guess the question becomes who do you trust.
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    Hi Khemba

    Sounds like you are getting some good advice. Chris Farrells name always seems to be in the mix with most peoples recommendations - I know little about him. But thats generally a good sign.

    Noticed there has been some coach WSO's here lately with pretty big claims that would perhaps be worth looking at.

    Here is one person i'd recommend you have a look at. I am not paid to say this, so its honest advice based on the value I have received thus far.

    Check out Michael Young at Escape Revolution.

    He will have another coaching course coming up in the future from what I understand.
    Smart operator. Value adder. Knows his stuff. Demonstrated results.

    Hope that helps!

    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined - he will meet a success unexpected in common hours"

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    I am in the market for a coach soon too, though much i have read about millionaires just wanting to help the small guy out for free ... stuns me, and alerts me.

    Will have to do a lot of research before I approach anyone,and see what kind of contra deal that doesn't involve lots of money, can be had.

    just a dog guy.

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    I am a student of WilliamRS on this forum who has an amazing coaching for PPC and media buying which has changed my life.

    Outside the Forum there are some big names online with big coaching figures but you will feel lost in the crowd. The aura of the big marketers with them trumpeting their own success stories usually overshadows the coaching itself and the losers are the people who pay for it.

    Other than the War Room here, if you're looking for specialized ongoing forum coaching nothing beats Ruck and Ryan's IMGrind with its holistic approach with owners themselves active every day. For those who are interested in PPC the best and established resource is PPC-Coach. I have found content and discussions in these forums invaluable as also the opportunity of networking with top marketers and access to the owners themselves.
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      Where are you at in your online journey? Do you even know what you want to do and what niche you want to specialize in?

      As others have mentioned, personal coaching/mentoring can be (and SHOULD be) very expensive. The next best thing is group coaching. The next best thing is courses which teach you IM.

      I firmly believe you should start studying IM even before you know what you want to do. Studying it will help spark ideas, if that's what you need. However, I'd stay away from high-cost mentoring until you have a feel for what you want to do. (None of the options mentioned here are high-cost though.)

      You also need to take into account your own needs and learning style. Maybe you do well researching and studying on your own. Maybe you need to be a part of a program where you interact with others and get feedback.

      I started with low-end information products. Because I'm very much a do-it-yourself kind of person (and self-study very well), I resisted "coaching" for a long time. But I finally found a coach I love and resonate with. I've paid her $8K this year alone (and $3K back in 2010). She is AWESOME, but works primarily with women and is no longer doing business coaching. (Our current 5 month coaching program is her last time doing business coaching.)

      It takes a while to find a coach you resonate with and a program that "speaks" to you. So spend your money slowly and cautiously and don't spend big $$$ until you feel comfortable with whatever product or program you're buying. But also trust your intuition. If it feels right, go for it!

      If you have no idea what you want to do, start with choosing a business model, a niche and a product or service.

      Hope that helps!

      "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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        Clarity is a HUGE part of IM success. I hope this post brings some clarity. It's so simple when you know it -- and darn difficult when you don't! I owe my mentors a world of thanks for bringing this clarity.

        IM is actually pretty simple: you can sell only one of two things:

        1. Products
        2. Services

        That's it!

        And selling products or services online happens in the same basic way for everyone, no matter what they're selling:

        Traffic > Opt-in page > Autoresponder series (or e-zine) > Sales page

        That's it! It's just that simple. (We IMers tend to overcomplicate things.)

        But no matter what your niche is, or whether you're selling a product or a service, do you know what your business model is?

        A business model is the framework or skeleton of your business. Essentially there are three types of online business models:

        1. Membership-based model

        A membership-based business model allows you to build a community of people (your members) who are as passionate about your subject as you are. Your membership fees can be monthly or annual, but either way, you're building recurring, passive income.

        There are a lot of resources and information out there to help you build a membership-based business if you're interested in doing this.

        2. Product-based model

        Selling products allows you to maximize your time and effort by selling items over and over again. This can be hard goods or it can be information products. Information marketing is it's own business model under the product-based model. Information marketing allows you to take your brain to the bank by creating a product ONCE based on what you know and selling it over and over again.

        Affiliate marketing falls under both models. You can choose to market either products or services as an affiliate.

        3. Service-based model

        Selling services can be great for 1) generating quick cash (as in the case of article writing or video producing) and 2) establishing your expertise and getting testimonials.

        However, in the long run, your goal should be to offer services at a PREMIUM. The biggest advantage of IM is LEVERAGE. You're able to leverage your time, money and expertise exponentially online. We all have just 24 hours each day. Time to get ruthless about what you expect for those hours you spend in IM each day. Expect more of yourself and more from your business friends, clients, partners, etc.

        What results are you getting for those hours you spend online each day? Ultimately, your services should be at the bottom of your funnel and cost the most since they involve your time and personal attention. (We all have a limited amount of time each day.)

        The fun (and confusion) comes in with all of the endless mix-and-match possibilities of the above models. If you're just starting or still struggling to make money, keep it simple:

        Pick just ONE!

        1. Pick ONE niche. (Something you're interested in and know something about.)

        2. Pick ONE target market for your product or service. (Who will buy what you're offering? The more specific you are, the more you narrow it down, the more successful you'll be.)

        3. Pick ONE business model.

        Now that you're clear about what business you're in, FOCUS! (And stop buying any info not related to your niche and target market, period!)

        F -- Follow
        O -- One
        C -- Course
        U -- Until
        S -- Successful

        And remember: build a list, Build a List, BUILD A LIST!

        In IM, it's easy to put the cart before the horse. Take a deep breath, step back and consider what type of business you REALLY want. Don't worry about getting traffic or buying that expensive traffic product until you know 1) what your business model is, 2) what niche you're in and 3) WHO your target market is!

        Successful business people will tell you that MARKETING is more than half the effort that's needed for success anyway. So pick a niche, target market and business model. Then spend most of your time and effort marketing it.

        If you DON'T have a solid plan or system, THAT'S when it's hard. A good system will shave YEARS (and save you big $$$) off of your learning curve

        That's why I recommend investing in at least one good, comprehensive IM course (or mentor who will give you such a system) instead of jumping from one $37 e-book to the next. A lot of people here complain about not being able to make any money. But neither are they willing to invest in their business. (Buying a random bunch of $37 e-books doesn't count.)

        The best thing I ever did was invest in a comprehensive IM course aimed at REAL business owners, not just other IM wannabes. Yes it was $1500. (It's no longer available.) But it was truly some of the best A-Z IM info I ever bought. Everything else I've learned (from the $37 e-books) since has simply been plugged into this system.

        Get a solid plan or system and then work the plan!

        Hope this helps!

        "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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    I suggest just emailing bloggers in you niche and asking around.
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      I am not a coach but I play one on TV. Just kidding - hehehe -- Having a coach is vital and you must pray to meet the right one. It's like finding a mate - If you go after the one you "think" is the dream man/woman it's very likely that you are going to be disappointed. But if you pray that God opens your eyes and lets you see the man/woman in their truest colors then you have a happy relationship. So pray for that fateful meeting and that you will find him/her to be your coach. It has happened to me.
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        It depends how much money you can spend. Vick Strizheus can teach you 90 days one-on-one and tell you exactly how to earn good six figures annually online, but he charges $20.000 for it.

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    there in my opinion is only one person to coach you alex jeffries, his coaching is the best i have seen on the warrior forum and i have purchased thousands of courses on here. Simply superb and i have already seen major results with it, its simplified and gets results fast.

    Build a Real Online Business from scratch today!
    Get Your FREE Webinar Training Here

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      You need to define that you want from your coach as that will help you identify the right person for you.

      I listen to several specialized coaches: social media, Jo Barnes; Blogging Jon Chow; business growth Rich Schefren.

      Define what you need then find the solution
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