Rent-A-List Site ... Good or Bad?

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Looking for opinions or reviews on Rent-A-List site?
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    I think this will generate a massive spam as people who are included in the lists don't really wanted to receive unsolicited emails.. just my 2 cents.

    If I subscribe to receive emails from Peter, just send email from Peter. I don't want to receive emails from anyone else...

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    I've tried another site that is not worth mentioning but it is similar to this but cheaper. And it was a waist of good money. I would invest the money in FB adds to your squeeze page or a solo add. That's just my experience with these kinds of sites.
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    rent-a-list hooked me with they're "40% click thru guarantee". if people don't want to be spammed, why would they click thru?

    i'm not being confrontational at all...i'm just trying to find the best company that offers this service, and i just left the rent-a-list website.
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    I've never used them, but I do understand that the leads are incentivized. I imagine if one has a good lead to sales funnel, this kind of list can be somewhat useful.
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    A lot of these sites that guarantee click-throughs are pop-under sites. Meaning when someone opens a legit page a pop-under hits them and that counts as a click through (even though they never ended up on your site). What you will notice on your analytics is a low on-site time (1 - 2 seconds) and high bounce rate for this traffic.

    Use tracking URL's to get specific data on any traffic source you use. So you know what the numbers are and can assess the efficacy. Then you can kill it or up the spend based on solid data.
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      Thanks for this post. I seen this ad on Business World List. Never thought of list rentals. I was excited to try it. Based on reviews I've read from search engines off digital point and here, it's not worth it.

      I heard they take over a week to review - deliver about 100 clicks and have a really bad click through rate. With ZERO Leads.. No thanks.. Just send a Solo Ad or something where you will get some real leads. If you want to know more send me a message on Facebook or something.
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    Thanks this forum help me, No rent a list for me.
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