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Hellloooo Warriors!

Would like to know how many of you used training or coaching programs when you started in Affiliate Marketing. I am looking for information on any training or coaching memberships that have made a significant impact on your marketing efforts.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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  • Check out BringTheFresh.com they are really good and focus a lot on making a lot of money with product launches (affiliates) and JV's.
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    There is one guy that I learned a lot from. His name is Terry Dean. He is a business coach online and you can view his stuff at his website:


    He is a very genuine and helpful guy in my view.
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    If you are just starting out google chris farrell membership, or chris farrell membership review
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      Training or coaching certainly works better after getting a little experience under your belt. Advanced IM'er will redirect their profits to coaching all the time. Taking somebody through the baby steps is kind of a waste of talent.
      Simple Two Step Formula
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      • Curtis,

        Waste of talent, or profitable niche? Just curious to see your thoughts?
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          There is this course by aidan booth and brain johnson called rank and pillage. If you you upgrade to gold account, there is a course that shows you step by step how they build their site from scratch to getting a few sales.

          I personally is at gold level, the course is simple detail about how to rank your website in google.
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    Yourself and youtube would make a really great partnership for your tutorial. Training has been already given by a lot of experts over the net, and all you have to do is just invest more time watching and studying the lessons on youtube. Just make sure you watch the latest ones especially on SEO since some techniques are already obsolete.

    I am an expert in outsourcing to The Philippines and have been working with Filipino virtual assistants for more than 5 years. I am the co-founder of RemoteWorkMate (VA management service) and RemoteStaffRecruit (VA recruitment service) Check out my blog >>>LifeStyleBusinessDesign<<<!

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      in my experience chris farrell is the best coach !! he is a very honest guy and GREAT teacher...
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        Originally Posted by fallingdown101 View Post

        in my experience chris farrell is the best coach !! he is a very honest guy and GREAT teacher...
        KTW - If you decide to check out ChrisFarrell, your timing could not be better. Chris Farrell and his team have spent many months creating new training videos, and many new member benefits, such as done-for-you websites. The new site launches tomorrow 28th August, and you can get 7 days access for just $1. That will be plenty of time to make your mind up whether the style of training and all the benefits on offer are for you.

        It is certainly the best beginner training I have found.

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    I like Traffic Black Book by Chad Hamzah ..
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      Originally Posted by arissa View Post

      I like Traffic Black Book by Chad Hamzah ..
      Yes, I agree. That's a great course I've learned a lot from.
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    This is a great thread as all warriors have tried different things and it's great to share each other's experiences.

    I've tried so many products but one of my personal favorite's is PPD Academy by Lee Martin and Alex. It's unique in that they give realistic achievable figures not the BS figures given by so many. The video course is well structured and they share the exact blueprint. I got the feeling that these guys simply want to give back to so many struggling warriors and is an excellent way to get into IM without a website. The price point is way too low for the quality info/blueprint and I've learn't more about Youtube than the previous 2 youtube courses I purchased. It was refreshing to see an excellent training course that I actually enjoyed and the strategies are fully workable.

    The secret is finding these gems and to focus on one thing, take action and not jump around from one wso to another.
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    In this order:

    1. AffiloBlueprint 3.0
    2. Bring The Fresh (forum is most valuable IMHO)

    Mark Ling includes a paid traffic mod in AffiloBlueprint which increases its value, but another nice course for paid traffic is 'Traffic Blackbook'.

    If your interested in Adsense Sites I would recommend 'Adsense 100k Blueprint'

    All of the products that i mentioned have private forums (excluding Traffic Blackbook) and after reviewing tons of MMO products, i've found the ones that include private forums are the most valuable and they also have the most committed product developers.

    Stay away from people who come out with a new course every month or two, those kind of people are usually just in it for the money.
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    I would have to go with Bring The Fresh for SEO sites, and Kensters Six Figure Alliance for product development.
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