did you sell your product by JVZoo ?

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Just wanted to know if anyone has experience with selling own product using JVzoo platform.
Few questions
- how many roughly affiliates it has ?
-do they handle payments and sending link to download the product ?
-Is there any payment treshold ?
- what is the cost of putting your product there ?
- can I do WSO using their platform ?
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    I have just posted a product on JVZOO for the first time, so I can help with some of your questions. First of all, it was free to post my offer and I found it very easy to follow the instructions.
    They handle the sales and generate the payment button in many different forms, which is a great feature. They do not deal with the download as far as I can tell, but I may be wrong. You enter a URL for the download page and this is incorporated into the sales process. Although I have not used them for a WSO, I know that many marketers do use them and give good feedback.
    I cannot say how many affiliates they have, but if big name marketers are using this platform, then my guess is that it must have an attractive affiliate community. I made a sale very soon after posting my offer, without really getting started on promoting it yet. Hope that helps.

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    • So the customers downloading the products from your website ?
      How they handle the payments and how do you get paid ?
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        JVZoo handles the delivery of products as well if you choose to have it delivered. There is an upload limit as to how big the file is you can set for delivery but it's larger than most. Or you can use your own download page and buyers will be sent there after purchase.

        Payments are instant to the vendor and affiliate commissions can be instant or delayed depending on how you set it up.
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    You got some good info from Gary and Bryan. I'm wondering how you're doing with your JVzoo product. Did you get all the details worked through? I'm just creating my first, so would be interested to hear how it's going for you, or if you've still got questions and issues.

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    Is there any point putting your product in JVZoo if it's not a WSO?
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    If your product is top seller in JvZoo Marketplace, you can get Jvzoo of the day and get more affiliates to promote your product and earn more money! Plus, it is so easy to setup everything on JvZoo

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    No, Currently I am selling my products through my own website. The result is good & It generate some good cash without paying any selling fees.
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    Can you sell the same product on JVZoo and the Warrior Forum? How would you do that!

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