DomFlip-Mill Society???

by swtp43
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Is anyone here involved with the Millionaire Society and more specifically their course on Domain Flipping. If so, can u please give me your opinion of the course and the material offered.
I want to begin Domaining but have not found a product (WSO or online product) that is complete or not rehashed out of date crap. I can't afford 'Internet Tycoon' at $97 a month. I don't have the resources to carry me for at least four months, which is what I think it would take me to begin generating enough to pay for itself. I can, however, afford the MS course but I know nothing about it and I've read mixed reviews online. Some good and some just plain BS by affiliates just wanting to sell the course. And then there are the one's really slamming the whole MS itself as a scam.
I'm hoping someone here can give me the REAL SCOOP.

Thanks, swtp43 (alex)
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