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I realize that this was just released, but I'd be interested in hearing from those who have had positive results from Cam Forbes' other software.

The price tag on this one is a bit hefty - so trying to do some due diligence.

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    As a faithful user of 5 min minisites over the past several months, I can vouch for the quality of Cams products. He is the real deal. You can ACTUALLY put these sites up in 5 min.

    Cam has always been responsive to answering questions right away, not just in his user forum, which by the way is full of other very helpful users, but you have access to him via his personal email. If he is online, you get a response right away.

    He held my hand as I was learning his tools initially and created more robust video training tools when we were learning WP integration of his 5mm sites.

    I am excited to have his new product Niche Dominator and most likely will do a review of it, once I wrap my arms around ALLL the goodness he has put together here.

    All in all Cam is very supportive and his software is just what he says it is.

    I have been disappointed before by OTHER purchases by OTHER vendors that I then returned because they were not as advertised. Cam puts out what he says he is putting out, with the functions he says will be there.

    So do your due diligence, read what he is offering and take the leap...if you don't I might be dominating YOUR niche tomorrow.

    Your SEO Diva
    Rebecca in Montana

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      I am a member of Niche Dominator so I am happy to help out.

      Before I write my review, I would like to disclose that I am promoting the product as I feel it is top shelf but feel free to use the creator's link which is:

      Niche Dominator...sorry...I entered this in as an http but it created a link anyway...this is a non-aff link.

      So on with my review. Basically Niche Dominator is a system to automate processes that normally take up a lot of time such as building and updating our niche sites which gives us more time to market.

      I signed up because I am horrible at building sites and using wordpress. I like to use the Niche Marketing on Crack method for building sites/blogs but they would take me quite a while to build for some reason or another(ie the txt running over into the sidebar etc)

      So I would spend a lot of my time monkeying with the sites to get them to look right rather than writing content or putting up more sites. With Niche Dominator, I can put up a classy looking site in a minute(provided I have saved my affiliate links...if not, it takes a few minutes to go grab those)

      It has 4 different modules that create different types of sites. I will explain.

      1)Instant Authority Sites

      This is designed to utilize single page aggregation which has been popularized by popURLS and similiar sites. The site is self-updating via feeds from Google, MSN, and Yahoo news. You can replace these with your feed if you have one and your affilate links are on the page

      Here is an example site I just made yesterday:

      Discount Luxury Watches

      2)Instant Mini Sites

      This module makes an 8 page mini site by just filling in a simple form. You place your content, affiliate ads, or articles at the top and at the bottom are feeds that are loading the site with fresh content

      Cam recommends making one mini-site per keyword and blasting them to your if you have 10 keywords, that is 10 sites with 8 pages on 80 pages of content...with the idea of you becomming an authority in your niche

      3)Instant Review Sites

      I like this module because I have been wanting to get going on using the Conduit Method but as I said earlier, I suck at using wordpress or using an HTML editor...I can get things done but it takes me a while

      Cam made these using a specific formula which he feels will create maximum conversion. I plan on using these quite a bit

      4) Instant Wordpress Blogs

      These are designed to take the time out of making wordpress blogs and put them up there quickly. To be honest, I haven't tried this module yet so I can't really comment on it

      I hope this helps. I would say the only slight drawback to the program is it is quite a different concept than the same old marketing advice so it took me a little bit to get my head wrapped around the idea's behind everything...but that is no biggie. I was building sites within a day as the software is very simple to use

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    Hi Dana

    Earlier this year I joined the membership site of a top "guru" - no names - no libel ! I got a load of jumbled information with the promise of great things the next month, then the next month... plus I got bombarded with junk upsells every other day. And the time it took to implement some of the stuff was just a joke - I don't have 100 hour days!
    "Brassed off" is the polite summary of how I felt at the time! It made me extra cautious - so I understand your due diligence!

    Surfing through WF one day, I saw Cam's offer on minisites and joined mainly on the strength of the reviews. I somehow expected the worst - but, surprise, surprise - my idiot type questions were answered politely and in friendly fashion on the forum and I got to producing some sites.

    Take a look at what I'm working on at the moment -
    Wrinkles, Skin Care and Anti Aging - it's just a baby but is growing every day and making me some money!!!!!!!!

    I got into a bit of a state a few weeks ago ( I do not know one end of my ht from my ml) and was stuck. One evening the phone goes and the voice says " Hi - Cam here - let's talk you through this!" ......I was grateful and gobsmacked - the guy seems totally "down the line" and he goes the extra mile.... Most unusual in this field...

    I've naturally upgraded to ND as I can see the tremendous potential here and the review / authority sites will add strength to my main sites - and be a breeze to produce, as even I can now zip up a minisite in literally minutes!! I'm pleased I'm in the ND community.

    To sum up Dana, if you're looking to build some sites fast and dominate your chosen niche, I cannot think of a better vehicle than ND.

    Good luck in whatever you do
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      Is this purely site building software?

      I like the approach of authority sites and satellite sites.

      However, it seems there's nothing to help select or identify niches or keywords.
      Is that correct?

      It would seem this would be great for building sites but you'd still need
      a keyword tool such as Wordtracker - if I understood correctly.
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        Yeah, you still need to do your keyword research. That is something we will always have to do no matter what.

        The idea is that it cuts down the time to make sites so you can build more sites.

        Hope this helps

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          In this day and age when we have Google Keywords Tools, WordTracker, SEO Tools and Micro Niche Finder, Keyword Elite, there are so many ways to research Keywords that is the least of your problems. By finding your own words, by looking at trends like Google Hot Trends or Ebay, it has never been easier to put up Unique Niche Keyword Circles...that is what I am calling them.

          Here is my site using Cam's tools...Modern Golfing Coach - this template comes from the 5 Min Mini sites, but having upgraded I am using the Niche Dominator concepts that Cam has put out there, I will have up an Authority site and Review Site back linking to this site this weekend. I can add 30 more golf keywords before Xmas and cash in on the Xmas rush

          Do You see the power yet?

          1. All you need is a list of keywords and affiliate banner ads...OMG yes you have to do this your self...

          2. you put them individually into each config file throw up the site with an affiliate banner on the side, The research might take you 1/2 hour, putting up the sites 5 min or less each keyword.

          3. Find some PLR and throw up all keyword sites into the blog role. Cam provides about 43,000 articles with his ND package so you don't have to work too hard on this step.

          4. Create Authority site on different domain and link back

          5. Create Review site of other affiliate programs you found during initial research

          6. Do some Social Bookmarking, maybe write a few articles and Press Releases to generate traffic...OMG that sounds like work...really this takes 1/2 hr as total time to put up massive Niche Dominating group of sites, should take about 2 hours per keyword group , once you GET IT. (mileage may vary)

          Bada Bing, Bada Boom...move on to next keyword circle

          OMG if this is too hard for you...go back to your day job and keep dreaming of the day a real "Get Rich Quick, With No Work Involved" Guru Scam comes along...

          Have the best day ever...

          Your SEO Diva
          Rebecca in Montana

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            Rebecca gives a realistic summary.

            Cam has evolved his software into one of the best site building tools available.

            His support and the forum are great.

            Here is an interview that Cam just completed that covers more about his software:


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              I am also cam's 5MMS's fan and I am going ahead with the lifetime upgrade offer. I am only now getting a bit jittery about whether the content ''drawn'' by the ND system: is it unique? And will it work? Because everywhere, even on the main discussion: there's a topic on whether the automated/scraped content is really worthwhile in comparison to placing unique content.

              Any views on this skeptism in light of tons of other benefits of ND?
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    I just want to bump this thread. It's been year since it was started. Now there's probably a lot of warriors who've tried this product. Any experiences you might want to share?
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    I made some Niche Dominator sites several months ago. Other than building some links to them, I haven't touched them lately. They're not wildly profitable (could be the niches I chose) but I'm happy with the income considering how much work I put into them.

    But I will say, I've hardly scratched the surface with all that Cam offers. He's constantly updating the product and bringing in more features. The previous posts explain some parts of the software well, but there are more things that have been added that make it even easier. More templates were released again today, so having a unique site is not a problem.

    Cam is great with support. Well worth checking out.
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    • I tried to keep it short but ended up posting an infomercial on this post...

      FYI... it took some time in the beginning to go thru the instructions and video tutorials but once you get a firm grasp of what you're building, the actual process is a walk in the park.

      In fact, I still can't believe how much I've accomplished in the past month of using Niche Dominator!

      And, I can't wait until he re-packages it in the near future to include a brand new social media strategy...

      I can't say enough good things about this product -- it's easily one of the very best things I've ever spent $ on..!

      hope that gets you off the fence...
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        I can safely say that due to my experience with first 5 min minisites and then Niche Dominator, I seriously consider purchasing anything that Cam puts out there. He is responsive to his clients and very supportive both via personal email and in the product forums.

        I am not a millionaire using it, but I have made my investment back. If you want to create virtual real estate quickly and monotize it, or create a swarm of backlinks to another site, this is the best software I have found to do it.

        Your SEO Diva
        Rebecca in Montana

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          I'll jump in here as well. Cam first off is a great guy. Full support and just an email away.

          Let's break it down:

          Software - I love and purchase most every site builder that comes along. This has been the easiest to work with. Also great if you want to capitalize on a trend, you can have a site up and running in 5 minutes.

          Support - Great forum with many people willing to help. Not the most active forum but to me that means we are busy building sites and making money!

          Icing - Cam is constantly updating and adding new things and templates ( without any extra cost ). He just did not create the software and ran off. Meaning the original purchase is great but the after effects are priceless!

          Summation: I judge by how much profit I have returned on my investment and Cam's products are at the top of the list.

          Take Care!
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            Niche Dominator is a very productive site builder. It is great to quickly set up a niche site and test your keywords. Once you have traffic you can quickly expand on the keywords that are working best.

            And..... Cam just keeps adding more and more and making it better.

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    Portalicious Article Rotator help. Well I know how to use a html editor but i am doing something wrong. My articles will not rotate or show up. Can some help out by making a tutorial video step by step because I did not understand cam. I think he should of went into more detail.

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