optimizepress vs profitstheme?

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Hey guys.

I would like your opinion on this: what is the best WordPress theme: OptimizePress or ProfitsTheme?

I need to use one of these themes for two things:

1) building fast, but good looking squeeze pages

2) potentially membership sites in the future

What do you think?

- Andreas
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    I personally use optimizepress and it is perfect for membership sites and creating squeezepages. I'd go with that everytime, it will also work well with s3 member which is free so for $97 or thereabouts you have a perfect solution, I am not familiar with profitstheme so I can't comment on that, but the majority of people I know use OP and if you go for that I don't think you can go wrong.
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    I have both and I use both.

    For beginners, I recommend ProfitsTheme over OptimizePress because it simply offers more bang for your buck when starting out. ProfitsTheme has Paypal/Clickbank integrated membership abilities and drip-fed content built in. OptimizePress does not. That's a pretty big difference.

    One other big difference is the blog area. ProfitsTheme was built with a comprehensive blog setup. OP wasn't and they later added a blog area...but it's limited to one style only. PT ships with 5 or 6 different blog themes and you can subscribe to more themes during the upsell.

    Those are the 2 big differences I found between the 2. The rest of the features are relatively the same. Squeeze pages, launch pages, salespages, etc.

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      I never ever make it work profitstheme plus not so fancy squeeze pages, templates etc. (sold separately). For sure they had good intention with this theme but they really have to work more to make it to work so better use optimizepress with s2member.

      My two cents
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    I use optimizepress and s2member. Maybe check some YT-videos to see what's looks suitable to you.
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      I've only used Profits Theme, but I'm pretty happy with it. They just upgraded it as well (with new, clean interface and upgraded functionality), which is always welcomed.

      A while back I asked the guys who run the company if I could use the theme (which I only bought a multi-site license for) for a non-profit community garden site I am the volunteer webmaster for, and they generously agreed. You can see one possibility of the theme here: VegasRoots.org

      The main reason why I chose the theme for a non-profit garden site is because we intend to create various donation pages, where we give away some digital swag depending on the amount of the gift, as well as eventually sell a few digital info products of our own. Non-profit doesn't mean non-revenue. We need a constant inflow of cash to survive. The theme has a bunch of built-in functionality for ecommerce and membership options, which, when combined with the design options, makes it a perfect fit for our purposes.

      I do have InstaBuilder plugin installed for the extra functionality, but I've ended up only using it a few times, because Profits Theme comes with so much already.

      If I have one complaint about Profits Theme, it's that considering the vast functionality of the theme, their training and documentation is only barely above cursory in its coverage. So, more trial and error is involved in the learning curve than one might expect or want. Not like a crappy free theme, though! But anyone who has fiddled around with a WP theme or two will get the feel of at least the basics pretty quickly, I'm sure. And I haven't had to touch a single line of code, which is awesome!

      From the reviews I've read about both themes, I think you will probably do well with either one. Do a side-by-side comparison between them and see which one has more "green lights" for the stuff you want and need.
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