Wordpress membership sites (Nanacast vs QuickPayPro)

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I'm pulling my hair out...

Wordpress Wishlist Member looks fantastic for a membership site tool. And I just noticed their video showing they integrate with the affiliate/ecommerce/email platform QuickPayPro.

So I tried investigating QuickPayPro and the site is old, sparse endorsements (albeit some good ones), yet one of which goes to an expired domain.

But then I found old negative reviews on QuickPayPro here at the warrior forum. And no one seems to be trumpeting it as a ninja app anymore?

I use Aweber for email and concerned about the time to move my lists, and the risk of bad deliverability from another supplier (like QuickPayPro).

Then I find mention on the warrior forum of Nanacast. Looks awesome, integrates with aweber, however the sales site is pretty poor too, I have to say.

The interface also looks kind of similar to ButterflyMarketing which sends anxious shivers up my spine in memory of my original purchase of BM in 2005 and the months of frustration because it didn't work. (and until now I still have no solution for a membership site!)

However, I reeeeally want to get a membership site up and running, that has affiliate management too.

I looked at Post Affiliate Pro as a standalone affiliate script, looks great.

But what I really want is QuickPayPro, Nanacast, PostAffiliatePro, and Aweber, all rolled into one - without the kinks.

Is the dream too big?

I shouldn't think so.

But where or who do I go to so I can get such a well rounded system, or, an outsourced team that understand all this stuff and can implement it for me?


No FAQ, no demo of the actual affiliate management centre, poor web design, confusion over where my members go to once they join my wordpress membership (do they get sent to the nanacast membership directory centre only to have to click over to my wordpress membership site?). Even the intro video has an awful video player that wouldn't allow me to search through the video.


Looks awesome, however I don't think I would trust them with deliverability so would prefer to use aweber. And would be great to use this as it works with Member Wishlist for wordpress membership management.

Well, those are the 2 best options as I see it for managing membership sites.

But either seller do not make it an easy choice.

I would think with all the users they must have they could invest in professional redesigns and tutorial demonstrations and documentation.

So if you think you have a product that will genuinely help me accomplish a wordpress membership site with rich functionality for affiliate management, different offer functions like OTOs, upsells, etc. Then please, give me your link.

Or if you have an opinion based on actual experience on these issues then please help me out, I'm despairing here!

thank you
Gavriel Shaw
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    Hi Gavriel,
    I believe WP has enough free plugins where there is no need to purchase from a third party supplier. However if there is a plugin that you really feel will benefit your business then I would consider purchasing it. I almost purchased WP Direct but then held off only to find out later I could find the same plugins for free
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      Care to elaborate?

      Just to cite one example... without paying for a script, I don't know of one that will cancel the membership if one cancels their paypal or clickbank subscription
      Darrel Hawes - Blog
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    I develop wordpress membership plugin memberwing - that will auto-cancel membership if member will cancel it's recurring payment through Paypal.

    I thinking about integration with 1ShoppingCart (as they have autoresponder, affiliate tracking, etc). But it might take a while.

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    One place I feel that wordpress falls down flat is with membership sites. To create navigation that allows easy to follow path like a site like lynda.com, is to my knowledge a pain in the butt to do.

    Please if anyone can figure out how to perform nice lesson navigation on a membership site using wordpress, like the for mentioned site, please tell me.

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    I think some of the bigger names in marketing use Nanacast. It seems like the best all in one solution available that I have found so far.

    I have been pulling my hear out for weeks!
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    Has anyone has any success with amember?
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    John, amember is just membership software and it doesn't come with affiliate tracking module.
    Often it is connected together with Post Affiliate Pro
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    Just checking to see what you finally decided to go with as it has been about 10 months.

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    WLM only accepts pp.
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    I realize it's an old thread, but for what it's worth...

    * DigitalAccessPass.com (DAP) integrates with Authorize.net, Paypal Payments Pro - both merchant accounts.

    * You can do 1-Click Upsells, Downsells & OTO's.

    * Has built-in autoresponder: You don't need Aweber

    * Has built-in affiliate program: You don't need iDev or any other 3rd party service

    * Also integrates with Paypal standard, 1Shoppingcart, and ClickBank.

    For a comparison chart of DAP vs. the Competition, see...
    Digital Access Pass comparison versus Amember, WP WishList and MemberWing

    - Ravi Jayagopal
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      Hi Ravi how does the affiliate program work cookies and IP ?
      I would have liked to see Nanacast in the Comparison as it does seem like competition.

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