DealDotCom - Is It Worth It?

by tommyp
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Has anyone tried DealDotCom? It's like $100 or something at minimum to submit your IM product to go out to 15,000 people. The promotion deals can even be up to $600 if I remember right but each one is supposed to have its own benefits.

I figure if only 25% open and read their emails and out of those 10% click the link and then there is a 1% conversion on a product for $37 and giving DealDotCom a 50% commission that would only make $55 to $75 for a $100 investment.

If their open rates, click thru rates and the conversion rate is better then it might be worth it but I'm hesitating.

Who has used them and can you share details like any notable experiences, figures, anything whether good or bad?


PS. I've heard both good and bad. Some say it works well while others say no for different reasons including that it's sort of a joke. But I'd like to hear directly from people that have used them. Thanks again.
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      Originally Posted by egomoo View Post

      with low conversion,the market is not very hot.
      What are you talking about exactly. That just went right over my head.
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    I'm also interested into knowing IF DealDotCom worth the time and price.
    So please share your experience if possible.


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    Not really sure about it but it all depends on how the emails are being collected by DealDotCom. If your finances allow, you can try it out. Otherwise, there are many other free alternatives. One of them is JV.
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    Thanks. I realize that but it's not what I'm asking.
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    I was checking out a post on Dealdotcom and stumbled upon this.

    In my opinion Dealdotcom is not as good as it used to be unlike before where you have deals on a daily basis which means advertisers are queued to have their ads on. Probably with declining conversions from the site, advertisers have moved to other avenues of advertising.

    As a member, you don't get daily deals as before and more bloggers have removed their Dealdotcom widgets as well probably due to its ineffectiveness as an affiliate revenue model.


    P.S. Just a personal opinion. Cannot be proven with stats (c;
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    I heard that DealDotCom was good to promote your product...If you have a product, you can try it...since its free submission, it will worth to lost nothing.
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