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Does anyone have a review for Automated Paydays by Rob Benwell?
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    Originally Posted by Legend Dude View Post

    Does anyone have a review for Automated Paydays by Rob Benwell?
    I'm waiting for the same thing.

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    Anything Automated "Income, what ever" does not work, Rob Benwell is famous for Blogging to the Bank, it is outdated and his support is awful, and I speak out of experience. When you are on his list you are flooded on a daily basis with BS products.


    I am Charles van Veen, CEO at NMO International, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We focus on Internet Marketing. Please visit: http://www.workfromhomeviainternet.com

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      i am looking at that product but i haven't gotten anything solid at the moment but if u wanna have a peek in it just try to close and stay on the page a couple of times and u get it at a tenner....do it have a look and if u dun like it ....get a refund
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        I have noticed one negative response to AP on this thread and being curious as to the quality of this product I researched a little to satisfy my own curious nature.
        I found myself at *improductreviewed.com/jamie-shaw-automated-paydays-review/* and was intrigued by the detailed review by Suzanne Fox on 23Sept 2012. In this review you will find a very detailed overview on
        Getting Started
        Fast Cash Strategies
        Core Strategies
        Video Library
        The Audio Library
        eBook Collection
        Timesaving Tools
        Your Resell Products
        WordPress Essentials

        Suzanne has also included a effectiveness test of the product without her present knowledge, skill or experience contributed to this process and acted like a complete newbie/noob who has just started up to provide as real results as possible. She opened a brand new clickbank affiliate account and was seeing results in a matter of just days not weeks.

        There are two upsells to AP and both would be wise to hasten results. The combines cost of these are near the $500 mark but the results would have these paid for in less than a month from what I am able to see here. The first upsell is a Niche Blog Package - 20 custom made ready to convert niche websites of high quality designed to make money i.e. get highest possible conversions. Hiring this out would cost about $2000.
        The other upsell is Mega Traffic Package - You get numerous amount of videos and training material teaching various methods of traffic generation.

        I personally am impressed with both Suzanne's review and the product itself. I plan on investing in this when the $500 is available to me but at present this is not possible. Please do yourself a favor and check out Suzanne's review of AP at the above address I have displayed and decide for yourself whether this is going to work for you or not.

        Keeping an open mind and continuing to be teachable is imperative to your success!

        All the best to all
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    I purchased the Automated Pay Days program and one of the upsells and before I could even look the material over I started getting phone calls from them wanting to sell me a mentoring program, but they wouldn't tell me how much the cost was until I provided them with a great deal of extremely personal information, when I refused to tell them my wifes name and occupation they terminated the call. But that wasn't the end of it, someone else called me from a number that had been routed thru a local number so it would appear that they were calling from my area, but the called admitted that he was in another state over 2,000 miles away. A little deceptive I would say. When I got into the material that I purchased it was over 7 years old, even some of the websites that they refered to in the training video were shutdown and no longer in operation. So I requested a refund which I did receive with in a few days.

    But ever since then I have been receiving between 15 and 20 phone calls a day from all over the US trying to sell me work at home programs. Seeing how Automated Pay Days is the only people that I gave that number to, it is safe to assume that they were the ones that released it to them. This has been going on for close to a month now, it is getting so frustrating to hear my phone ringing all hours of

    So buyer beware.
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    internet Money path and automated payday are using the same technique in encouraging users to sign up and provide them credit card details. Both programs used a fake newspaper website proving that someone named Melissa Johnson (Canadian version) or Alina Cruz (Philippine version) are earning huge income online using their program.

    Google Profusion Scam (2007-2008) also used the same technique and the same fake newspaper website

    sounds scam to me.
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