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Anyone who can tell me more about this system:
Internet Marketing Revolution

I guess it's a Clickbank affilate system with some stuff... :confused:
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    I myself have bee getting emails about IM Revolution. Feedback from buyers of this program be much appreciated.
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    there is nothing new, research a niche , build a site , drive traffic
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      Originally Posted by HomeBizNizz View Post

      Anyone who can tell me more about this system:
      Internet Marketing Revolution
      I don't usually leave reviews because most stuff I read is deceptive newbie fodder, crappy small products that are very general. Matt's product was surprising different then I expected an was better than some products that are much more expensive.

      I thought it wasn't going to be that valuable at all because I've seen a lot people promoting the initial squeeze page, and thought it would be an "opportunity" like Empower Network, hyping up something that gives little in advance marketing training and value and give what some free memberships online give already -- and it would be giving basic stuff that newbies would jump up and down about, but wouldn't be much value. It was not like those other promote my product "money makers", although he does mentioned the value in promoting his product. However, he didn't do the regular smoke and mirrors thing that many of those opportunities do that don't help people build their own solid brand and business.

      I read through it quickly today and I was very impressed, and I've bought a lot of courses, including hyped up WSO's and highend coaching. Most of the big launch products regurgitate affiliate marketing strategies, and you can tell many of them have very little hands on experience or they're holding back a LOT. Most of the time you get general theory and the practical info is kid stuff that you can figure out easily on your own.

      IM Revolution isn't a step by step course but more of strategic guide and somewhat case study. Matt shares how he was able to overcome the struggle of profiting decently with affiliate marketing and shares his VERY intelligent strategy that reveals how to increase ROI's dramatically, and basically "extracting" more juice out of your traffic, which is how he decribes it. The complete strategy through a lot of hard work had and went from making $700/mth as a affiliate to making well over $300k/mth.

      Matt is very transparent and down to earth and makes no allusions about what he accomplished was easy or cheap, BUT he reveals how people can basically profit from a sales funnel like his without all the time and effort that takes in building one from scratch.

      I appreciated Matt's transparent and sober writing style for it was refreshingly different to how many guroo types try to dupe people and leave out essential information -- giving you that nagging feeling they're being deceptive and trying to make things look MUCH easier than they are. Matt does NOT do that but like I said gives an alternative solution.

      I can tell that he didn't just jump into the MMO market as a guroo throwing money around to outsourcers like many that are not well marketer's themselves, but he had went through the grind as an affiliate.

      A lot of guroos and some affiliates talk about how easy affiliate marketing is but the truth is it is getting harder all the time with more and more competition, which drives up ad bids as well as causing offers/niches to be over saturated.

      I wouldn't have read the guide but an affiliate marketer that I respect clarified what My Online Business Empire is, so I thought I'd get the IM Revolution guide.

      Originally Posted by afroedo View Post

      there is nothing new, research a niche , build a site , drive traffic
      That would describe a lot of Clickbank launch products, but this is NOT the core of this guide, or what the guide is really about. The guide kind of clears the air that regular affiliate marketing is increasing grinding and will continue to be like that if just do the traditional affiliate marketing thing like the majority of internet marketers.

      I went through the guide quickly and see how I can increase my income substanially this year by using his business model, Seems like you're either talking about another product, or completely missed the power of the strategy, which is more about a using a deep and high converting sales funnel of indemand products, to gain a much higher ROI, which is not possible by just promoting regular affiliate programs.
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