Unlimited Profits by Robert Hollis

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I recently had someone pimp this thing to me on Facebook. Never met the person, but he was talking to me about offering my 'free mentoring' from his 'mentor' and then slammed an affiliate link to me leading to a squeeze page.

I tried using the Search function and found nothing that addresses this product. Searched around Google for more intel as well. I also had some of my assailants check this thing out and got back to me.

It seems to be an affiliate program which gives you a load of free training videos at first and walks you through a funnel. Then there is an upsell which you can upgrade to for about 15 bucks or so.

It's another one of those things where you need referrals to make this worthwhile. You make $5 bucks per referral if they stay longer than 30 days.

It claims to be another system where you can plug in and other existing product or opportunity you're already in, etc. etc.

Didn't explore it much further than that. Apparently they teach lead generation and stuff and personal development for free on the front end.

Anyone else got any intel on Robert Hollis? He says on the squeeze page video that he 'learned from a billionaire' or something. He seems to be a seasoned guru in the HBB industry.

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    I wanted to know about this program too. But if MLM I failed miserably after trying MLM for two yrs.
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    i want to know to but if its mlm... no thanks
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      Unlimited Profits has gone through some major changes and now is called Life Mechanic University and has a lot more value.

      They have moved away from the MLM model and now are an affiliate program with the focus on training as opposed to been just another business opportunity. As if there isn't way to many biz opp's as it is.
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