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I have read the sales letter and all but there seems to be very little proof to back up his claims. It sounds good but a bit spammy. Any real reviews of "Syndication Rockstar" by Sean Donahue will be appreciated.
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    As i understand your links will be pointed to web 2.0 sites which is okay but you need unique content and only automatic spinning can't make your unique content.. so you have to manually spun it and use it...
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    I got it and i like it. Yes you need to spin the content but that's something you just have to do!
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      I know this is a little off of the discussion, but who knows of anyone you could outsource account creation. I'm finding this is taking up to much of my time. Also do you have to set up web 2.0 accounts for every site you put rockstar on. I have looked at fiverr not found anyone
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        @lavmljl, check out

        on Fiverr. Excellent!
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        Originally Posted by lavmljl View Post

        I know this is a little off of the discussion, but who knows of anyone you could outsource account creation. I'm finding this is taking up to much of my time. Also do you have to set up web 2.0 accounts for every site you put rockstar on. I have looked at fiverr not found anyone
        Look for an onlywire account creation over at fiverr or fourerr, they sign up to all the web 2.0 properties in the onlywire system, many of these will be the ones you are looking for plus you get a trial account with onlywire where you can upload I think from memory 300 posts within the 40 or so accounts (combined) in Onlywire. The plus is if you don't want to continue with Onlywire as its $9.99 p/m you at least have all of these accounts setup with the profile filled out for you and a profile image - tip tag your image with your main keyword and url inside properties, or take it from your site images as this will get additional backlinks, because the image file gets crawled too.

        Hope this helps

        John Robbins
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    i have this, and to be honest, it's nothing more than a syndication plugin thats been hyped up. try this plugin much more options and it even lets you syndicate old posts, something you can't do with syndication rockstar.

    plus they also offering 50% discount

    edit: they also offer account creation packages.......
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    Honestly, if you have software like Magic Submitter, or a plugin like Backlink Energizer, you won't need this. This is not to say Sean's plugin won't be good but take stock of what you've got before you jump in. I can tell you that Sean is not only great at supporting his products but is a pretty cool guy to talk to over Skype if you have questions.
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    its look like a cool plugin i will check it out
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    I just made a video of insiders view of Syndication Rockstar, let me know if you have other questions. I think it's a quality product and Sean Donahoe puts out quality stuff.

    Here's the link to my video, let me know if you have any other questions.

    Syndication Rockstar Review Insiders Look - YouTube

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    Okay, I've had this product for a little over a month and here is my take on it so far.
    For starters, it does not integrate well with word press functionality currently it has several bugs that need to be fixed and upgrading the plugin seems to be a bit slow from the developer. Having said that, if it were to work as described without the issues it would probably be a good plugin. I really cant say if at this point if its worthwhile because of all the issues. I have this plugin on two of my sites and have decided to remove it. I agree with the previous post about magic submitter and the fact that its a much better option.
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    So what is the conclusion, is it worth buying or not??

    Working all day long on

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      I bought it near the end of last month, December, and refunded it about a week later. I bought it as the oto with adsense firestorm. I kept firestorm but haven't seen any results yet.

      And in the thread about firestorm on here, I basically said the same thing as other posters here about Rockstar being like magic submitter except it is done right from your wordpress interface.

      I too hate the web 2.0 bs, especially the account creation. Magic submitter does it for you automatically. I don't have magic submitter and I'm not promoting it. It too has its bugs.

      I felt like Rockstar was buggy - some accounts wouldn't post, it never posted them automatically even though I had set up the kron jobs like they instructed, so that meant I had to process the queue manually each time. So if I didn't check every time, I ended up posting the same exact piece of content to the same places.

      The spinner in Rockstar didn't function very well and I was never able to use it as what came back was unusable or readable. They do integrate with other spinners though, I just don't have them.

      Rockstar could have been great but it just missed the mark on a few areas that would've put it there.
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        I have to agree with huskieswin. This plugin does not work as promissed. There are bug yet and the support takes too much time to fix the issues you highlight.

        I have syndication rockstar for 2 weeks and just requested a refund.

        The spinning functionality does not work well. You have to sign up manually to all web 2.0 which takes too much time. Syndication Rockstar does not work for other languages like Spanish, French, Portuguese as the plugin does not recognize certain characsters like "é", "ç", "ã", etc.

        The training videos are not updated in some cases.

        To be honest this is one more product that just makes his owner happy and rich.

        I will never buy other products from Sean Donahoe until he improves the quality of his support team and his products.
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          I am another who is not happy with Sean Donahue I have Adsense Firestorm and did not get the oto for Rockstar. Adsense Firestorm is buggy and worked for a while, it increased my adsense revenue marginally. The thing is they sound great on paper, but the support is not there. On his site it says tickets are responded to in 24 to 48 hours, more like a week! (if at all).

          Anyway when I changed to Wordpress 3.6 Firestorm crashed my whole site and his last upgrade was back on 27 March! Be aware that Sean is making his money selling shiny objects with large promises. If they worked as advertised they would be great - I am sure they do for him, but he gets priority treatment from his staff and they know which versions the stuff is good for. As an end user we do not and the necessary support is not there.

          I would buy again but with extra caution as if you upgrade you may be creating problems for yourself especially if you have many sites you need to repair at each update. Be aware this is actually an issue with any automated tool though and when working Firestorm does double your responses, however it has only worked about half the time I have had it, and when down it kills all the traffic you spent years building up to. Decide for yourself if these are risks you wish to take.
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    Excellent tip John. Thank you very much
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