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I came across this by accident, you can place paid video ads here. Don't know if anyone already has some experience with the results, but I decided to give it a try with a video about a self-help product sending them to a squeeze page. I know results depend on the quality of the sqeeuze page, so below results are just an indication and it does not mean people can't get better results, I just want to share this try out with you guys. Virool | #1 Video Ad Network | Targeted YouTube Views I am NOT an affiliate.

Bought a package at $100. Results:

2,288 impressions
0 signups for my list

Anyone else to share their experiences?

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    i think is not encouraging result spend 100$ and not even one sign up.
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      Sounds like your squeeze page is a problem.
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        Originally Posted by Mark Clayson View Post

        Sounds like your squeeze page is a problem.
        Based on what? My Squeeze Page converts great. Just not with Virool. Did you use it? If so, show results.


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    I tried virool last week got some clicks but based what I have spent its not worth the effort, if i was able to see how virool works I could atleast understand how it delivers the videos.

    not worth a minimum 4 cents a view
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      I think the benefit of Virool is for $10 you can get your video legal views. This way when you are found by ppl searching your video looks more appealing than having only 3-4 views
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    I have just written a review of Virool on my blog. My only critism might be that the views happened too quickly, but I will try narrower targeting next time.

    Review of - James Winsoar

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      I've used Virool with a great deal of success.

      You guys are mis-using it.

      It's not a source of traffic.

      It's quality traffic coming from blogs and they want to see a video.

      They DON'T want to give up their email to see it.

      There are other fish to fry.

      Meanwhile, here's a real DUH!

      Make your video sell them to come to the squeeze page.

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    good tip Harlan, I need to give it a go..
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