Anyone here have an Opinion on DomainClout by Jason Fladien/Gene Pimentel

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Watched the webinar. Looks GOOD. And something I've been mulling over doing as my main "gig". Is there anyone that is currently in this that could provide some user feedback? I already know from talking with Gene that this isn't a fly-by-night and is serious business. I just want a user's perspective on videos, support, results etc.

Thanks all!
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    Anyone at all?
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      I know Gene is a stand up guy and I would assume that the product has value if he is behind it. However, after reading the sales page I'm a bit disappointed for this reason: They don't tell you much about the membership.

      It appears that one of the biggest selling point is this: "500 Premium domains will always be available to you to purchase for $18 each."

      Let's see, pay $79 or $99 a month for the opportunity to buy some of their 500 premium domains for $18??? If there are 200 members does that mean you are competing with 200 other people for these 500 "premium" domains?

      Another selling point is this: "1 Site Clone to be deployed." An explanation of this would be helpful.

      This might be a great product. But they do a poor job of selling it on the homepage. Unless I'm missing something, their is nothing at the homepage that is compelling me to buy.

      Personally, I'd like to know more about the dashboard. A video on the homepage showing what the dashboard can do is what I would like to see.

      Cypherslock, did they show you how the dashboard works on the webinar? Also, when you said it "looks good" -- can you expand on that thought?

      Honestly, I hope this is a great product. I'd love to go deep into domaining and a high-value membership that teaches domaining is a product I would certainly be interested in.
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    There was a webinar that I've got the replay of (Lost the link) where Gene and Jason showed a 10 step fast process using Estibot, which was good and they also showed a brief free method. And there was a glimpse of the backoffice. They also showed the clone you can get and went through the wp plugin (which can be customized to a particular niche so you only pull relevant domains from the database to show. And you can reserve through it as well. They also mentioned that if a deal fell through you wouldn't be left with paying the $18 for that domain, they'd buy it back.

    I agree they need to flesh out the sales page a bit more. It's kinda sparse. We don't need a 40 min video or uber long salespage, but a bit more detail for those that missed the webinar would be good you're right.
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      I watched the webinar too. Seems like this webinar was promoted by a LOT of people. Some made it sound like their own service.

      I'm pretty sure Fladlien and Mattos are only affiliates.

      It's Gene Pimental's baby. I think Jonathan Heusman may be his partner.

      But there's an ongoing 50% affiliate commission, so no wonder a lot of folks are promoting it.

      One thing that they made clear is this: Members don't pay a cent for a domain until it's sold. Only after you sell a domain or buy it yourself do you have to cough-up the $18 bucks.

      My only concern is that since so many folks are promoting this, and presumably a ton of people will be joining at the "webinar discount" price (Google it), will there still be some really great and genuinely "premium" domains available in their inventory?

      Gene repeatedly assured us that there will be - since 80,000 domains expire every day.

      Well, they have a great "try it and see" policy, so I think I'm gonna go for it.

      Sure beats trying to find good ones at domain registrars or bidding on them at any one of hundreds of "premium domain" sites.
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        has your DomainProfitsClub with its lifetime membership option been liquidated in favor of the Domainclout cooperation with Jason Fladlien and Will Mattos? What about people who bought the lifetime membership (I could kick myself that I didn't!)? Is also gone or incorporated into

        I assume that your good input will continue, but the "hype" factor has increased exponentially... Apparently this is the way of internet marketing. Too bad IMHO. It will probably attract a different breed of participants and affiliates jumping on the bandwagon than your "low key" approach - or maybe not.
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