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Anyone had any experience with this and can give an honest review Thanks
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    A friend of mine has it and I used it BUT it has a big (for me) disadvantage, it is that when you copy and paste the text from the Word document into the software it doesn't keep the spaces between paragraphs. You have to do it manually one by one that as you can imagine it is a lot of time consumption.

    I would like see a solution for this, then I probably will buy it.
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      This product does not work as claimed in the video.
      The output data files are garbage and looks really crappy when displayed in the
      Kindle Previewer.

      KD Publishing Pro will not/or can not submit eBooks to Amazon Kindle Direct,because it can't read anything that does not have the ".kpf " Extension.

      Consequently, "htm, html, doc, and even dot mobi" extensions are not recognized by the software.

      If it can't read files with the above extensions. It won't load them into the submitter, which negates any option for uploading the ebook to Amazon...or any where else for that matter.

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    I tested it today and was disappointed. The problem isn't KDPublishing Pro itself, but the fact that the output file is a Word .DOC file with HTML additions.

    I love some of the concepts Dave integrated in KDPublishing Pro, but I just can't recommend it because the file that's produced... the formatting is too unpredictable.

    My more detailed review: Word DOCs, KDPublishing Pro, and Kindle Formatting | eibhlin, writing
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