Bring The Fresh vs Work From No Home

by Norim
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For a newbie who want to learn affiliate marketing , which one would you recommend?

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    Can't talk about Work from no home, but let me tell you something:

    Bring the Fresh is one of the best Internet Marketing communities out there. And not only that, but the stuff they teach WORKS.

    How do I know? I'm a member

    Other people will tell you about WFNH, but mark my words: you will never go wrong with BTF.

    Wish you the best!
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    Warrior Forum , You get all the information here FREE of cost.
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    You could definitely learn a lot from WF and it's free.

    If your require bits of information about affiliate marketing - i think the most important boils down to - specific niche. Once you have a niche there's very summarized steps you would take.

    1) Keyword research.
    2) Domain, Hosting & Web Setup
    3) Content Creation & Marketing.

    Of course it goes down deeper on how you actually do those things. Hope this help

    Digital consultant, to help you get the best out of your digital presence.

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      One thing that was impressive was that members have unfettered access to the creators whenever they feel it's necessary. Kelly and Mike, as they're known, have always gone ahead of everyone else when it comes to caring for their customers needs.
      Not that long ago, they provided their cell numbers and email addresses to members so that they could contact them whenever they wanted to.

      You might remember the case of the Yahoo Groups member who complained because they were sending out so many answers to people's questions. If you are one of those people who requires constant hand holding, then this membership is right up your alley.
      If you're used to all communications being sent through an automated process, then you may not enjoy this one.

      With a Bring the Fresh membership, Mike and Kelly describe the fact that eBay and eCommercie sites are perfect for making a little extra money.

      You can always take what you learn from them to start a business of just this, but what they're trying to do is to educate you only on this aspect, so that your overall business is stronger because of it.
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    BTW is where to be, you will recieve alot of real help there. Never found anything better to learn and also get results.
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      Thank you for your reply marceauct.
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    I've purchased both products:

    The short version:

    Bring The Fresh:

    - Real people, results on their forum
    - Inspirational
    - Plenty of real case studies
    - Mike Long with boat load of experience
    - Real telephone numbers


    - Quality up to date content since it's recently launched
    - Covers many topics including affiliate marketing
    - All you need to really get started
    - Peng Joon(creator) started from scratch and developed an online empire.
    - 30 day step by step guide

    Both products in my opinion have their strengths. Just pick up the gold nuggets you can learn and as always, apply what you learn vs get stuck in learning mode.
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    Having reviewed both Bring the Fresh and Work From No Home I would recommend Work From No Home. Here is what I like about the product:
    • This site features in depth, detailed instructions available in both written format and in videos. Since many people prefer one form of learning over the other everybody is covered.
    • The program provides complete training that is detailed enough to follow exactly, while being very easy to scale up over the long haul.
    • The inclusion of a step-by-step, 30 day action plan proves to be useful to newbies,
    • Great for procrastinators or for folks who just want a new way to implement their online business.
    • Soup-to-nuts training for the affiliate marketer. This course covers everything from day one stuff all the way through assembling teams of outsourced workers to assist in building your business.
    • The cost is very reasonable at $37 and there is also a $1 week long trial to test it out.
    I gave Work From No Home 4 out of 5 stars and BTF 2.5 out of 5 stars. BTF had too much fluff and too many plugs for other products. From the minute you check out the Bring the Fresh roadmap, you are inundated with links to buy other products and courses.
    Honest Internet Marketing Reviews
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      Thank you all for your replies.

      And thank you elishahong and freedom25 very very much, these are exactly the answers I was looking for, very clear an direct,really appreciat it, thank you so much.

      Is there any OTO for "work from no home" ? And what about their support?
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      Originally Posted by zeusgod View Post

      Check out their facebook page and you'll know if you should purchase Work From No Home. (Hint: No)

      Facebook page:
      LOL! What the heck are you talking about? How can you determine if Work From No Home is good or bad by just looking at Peng's FaceBook page?

      Have you actually TRIED the program for yourself?
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          Originally Posted by zeusgod View Post

          His facebook page was literally INUNDATED with a ton of complaints from customers.

          Lack of support / not honoring refund requests / haven't been able to access product and what not - for weeks and weeks.

          [If you're confused - it's because the owner seems to have removed all of them from his wall by changing his privacy settings or something.]

          So that was why I said don't buy it, and made no mention about whether the product is good or bad.

          LOL! So do you finally get what the heck I'm talking about?
          Ah.. I see. I thought there was something missing :p
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            I bought Work from no Home and requested (and received) a refund. The reason I got the refund was not because of the product being poor, I actually thought it was quite good. I just found it didn't contain any information that I hadn't learned already from following Affiloblueprint.

            If you are just starting out then it is worth the money and you'll learn a lot from it. The product creator now has another product out about membership sites, so the support for the older product may be lacking.

            I haven't bought BTF, but always had it on my things to do list. I've heard great things about it from people who have bought and used it (not affiliates trying to sell it to me!). I really should get round to buying it soon!
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    I learned the majority of what I know from BTF. Not just SEO but everything affiliate related as well. The info is easy to digest, you can opt in for daily forum updates so you don't have to sift through it for new info, it just works all around. BTF gets my vote Norim!
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    I thought work from no home was good. I checked it out and he gives you templates to use for your sales and thank you pages and gives you an easy to follow step by step guide. I would recommend this one. I haven't heard of the other one.
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      Thank you all for your replies.

      thanks illmill, Will check work from no home soon
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    Originally Posted by Norim View Post

    For a newbie who want to learn affiliate marketing , which one would you recommend?

    Of the two, I prefer Work From No Home, but they are both quality programs.

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    Hey Warrior's

    I am Interested in "Work From No Home" Because the membership has both Video and a written guide's *** for me the best way to learn is to watch the video and then have a step by step guide setting beside my computer to refer back to (short Memory) as I am setting up !!!

    I see above post #19 illmill Mentions the step by step guide's ***

    I would like know If the step by step guide's have*** Screen Shots Step By Step ???

    Thank You *** I would appreciate a Reply from anyone that knows the answer**

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    I would invest in BTF. The amount of resources that they offer is astounding.
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