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I got a promo email from Eric Rockefeller the other day, promoting an "Affiliate Funnel System" product. Has anyone else got any info on this other than what's presented on the pitch page? I'd be curious to know. Anyway, it makes some rather outlandish claims (i.e., $100k+ in 30 days) and I was looking for some feedback on it.

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    It basically shows you how to use a few groups of "funnels"
    using the traffic sources of
    PPC including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other popular sites
    Web 2.0

    Then it shows you what types of sites to create and how to create them including:
    review pages
    presell pages
    opt in pages

    plus it shows you how to use banners and free products
    as well as 2 other methods including product launches.

    The creator is Saj P, he always creates great products.

    If you want more information send me a PM, I just bought it,
    but haven't gone through it yet.

    Hope this helps
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    OK, sounds instructional etc, but is there anything really NEW?

    John Bowie - Check The Guru Essentials Report - Your guide to the 16 ESSENTIAL plugins recommended by the Warrior Gurus

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      I want to see exactly what he did with a campaign like Forex to generate 5 to 6 figures monthly! The swipe file contains these:

      Forex Master Review Page With Affiliate Products Integrated
      The actual proven PPC Keywords to advertise the review page with
      The actual adgroup structure you need to use for all the keywords
      The actual proven ads to use on Google
      Two Forex Master Presell Pages For 2 of the highest converting products
      One Forex Banner Advertising Free Forex EBook
      One Forex Squeeze Page giving away the free EBook as an incentive for name and email
      One Forex Ebook with give away rights
      The actual proven websites to advertise the banner on
      The actual proven emails to send out to leads promoting the Forex affiliate offers
      Forex Master Funnel Blueprint of how to structure the campaign and put it all together
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    Does any one know what you get for the monthly upsell?
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    I heard they're raising the price to $97 in less than 48 hours...
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      How can they raise the price when they have not delivered the product???

      Who wants a MASTER SWIPE FILE (forex, weight loss, etc. I find when hundreds
      of other people are promoting the same thing there is too much competition.
      If you use the copy and paste info.

      Why would Clickbank let them promote a product that cannot be delivered
      when purchased?
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    Im going to give an honest opinion of Saj P. He is one of the few handfuls of marketers that produces information that ANYONE can use to make money. 4 tier annihilation made a believer out of me.

    "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

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      Well he maybe or not but I wonder what this putting off uploading the program you already paid for is all about... telling people Saturday and not keeping his promises... that is not very professional... I heard is about traffic well he will have lots of people up in arms if he don't release it ... for download soon..

      What is up??

      Candy Wormdahl
      Christian Ebook Review
      Jigsaw puzzles and ebooks

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    Originally Posted by swordfish8 View Post

    Any reviews on this guys? Worth the money?
    I'm still undecided on this one. Since the launch has gotten sort of buggered up, instead of the instant downloads we had to wait several days for links. Module 3 is still not available due to having to "reconvert them due to coding errors", whatever that means. But come now, two days later and they haven't been reconverted yet?

    I did get an email earlier today saying the module download would be available either late today or tomorrow. Will have to wait it out.

    IMO, so far, the package is much overhyped on the sales page and the zillions of pre-launch affiliate review pages. I don't think it is very powerful stuff, mostly basic affiliate info directed at Clickbank marketing. Nothing very special or unique IMO, based on other stuff I've read before.

    I think the extra included bonuses are much more powerful and useful than this latest program.

    This includes his older programs, the Four Tier Annihilation Method, the Affiliate Payload, and the Site Rush course. And the 17 "In depth CPA Marketing Videos".
    Now these alone may well be worth the investment for this course.

    Perhaps the "soon-to-be-seen" Module 3
    (*Module 3* - Underground Traffic Arbitrage & Campaign Initiation)
    will upgrade this program a bit.
    And then there is the latest email promise at the end "and we have lots more suprises in store for you". I hope this doesn't mean more delays. LOL Surprise!

    I'm already quite surprised that almost a week later I'm still waiting for the last installment of my "instant access". But, I guess, sheet-appens. Whatever went wrong, I suspect he didn't want it to happen this way. Because it sure didn't help his cause any.
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