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I have been reading a lot of posts about "What Membership Script?" Let me tell you something right now.

I looked everywhere, and analyzed every product available. What did I choose?

Simple Member Pro. . . AND I AM SO RELIEVED I DID.

Not only does Johhny provide the BEST support that I have ever had, the price is just too low. I keep telling him.. . "Johnny, raise the price. . ."

Today, Johnny did something to my copy of his amazing script that NO ONE HAS. You will all see it soon, if I told you what he did. . . He would be just a little annoyed.

What really impresses me is the ease of use, the shear power and flexibility behind Simple Member Pro.

You are not stuck with SMP, your imagination is your limit.

I know that a lot of people have reservations about installation. . . It took me only 2 minutes and it went off without a hitch.

Now here is the real KICKER. SMP has FULL protection. This means that your content cannot be linked to. Other scripts, are too easy to defeat.

Anyway, GREAT JOB JOHHNY. That little feature. (Well, NOT so little) that you added today. THAT rocks. Let's not even go into all the other stuff you added and SO FAST.

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    Can you please tell me more about simple member pro..?

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      you can google the name simple member pro, OR please read on. . ..

      Just SOME things that get me excited about this script:
      1. Easy to configure, so even us non-techies can get it up and running.
      2. The protection scheme is AMAZING.
      3. The flexible design aspect. . . I really love how I can add and delete pages at will. Linking them up is a snap.
      4. The author provides a level of service and support that SHOCKED me. . . Not many people do that these days.
      5. It also has timed content... So you can post content for one month and the next month's members can't swipe it and run off. . .

      It does A LOT, I am not the guy to list all this out. I am just letting you know what I really like. . . Look at his main page and you will see a hefty list of features.

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    Originally Posted by andrewharrison View Post

    Today, Johnny did something to my copy of his amazing script that NO ONE HAS. You will all see it soon, if I told you what he did. . . He would be just a little annoyed.
    Andrew, you may have just "unsold" a copy of simple member pro... I was just in here doing some research on the different membership site products.

    Started by my interest in simple member pro... however,

    I guess if I have to contact the publisher to make "special" changes for the software to become "greater" maybe I should grab one of the other solutions that's already "great"...

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    If having a software programmer who is willing to create a custom feature is a turn off for you then by all means please look at another solution. I personally don't see where having a seller who not only is able to edit his own software product but willing to create one off feature requests on a customer by customer basis is a bad thing.

    No one script can be everything to everyone so no matter what solution you ultimately end up with you are more than likely going to at some point say to yourself "I really wish this script would do ...." and if you purchased a script that doesn't have someone willing to accept customization jobs you are going to be left wishing.

    btw.. the only reason Andrew made the comment about I might be mad if he told what feature I added for him.. I will be putting it into the next version of the script and it is such a wicked cool feature that if it became known before I'm ready to release then there will be competition jumping all over themselves trying to beat me to market.

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    I don't see why I would UNSELL something? I am a strange person with odd requests. SMP works GREAT. It's just that I had some VERY odd requests.. I am like that... I like to bug the crap out of people. . . Johhny did a great job in modifying my version. This happens ALL THE TIME. Programmers are called upon to do something that the client wants... I would encourage you to try his free demo and then decide for yourself.

    The feature that Johhny added.. NO ONE has it... I mean NO ONE. My site is the only one that we know of that does something VERY SPECIAL. . . Sorry, I won't say a word. This is Johnny's gig, and HE is one of the greatest programmers I have had the privelege of connecting with. Not only is he a great programmer, HE IS A REAL HUMAN. He treats ALL of his customers with incredible respect and always has time for people.

    Tell me, WHERE do you find that these days? You will lose out big by not understanding what I wrote. . . SMP ROCKS. . . I would have payed much more for that incredible script.

    The software IS GREAT the way it is. . . Again, I am just a little strange and I had a request. THANK GOD, that Johnny was even willing to do it! Can you imagine wanting something custom and the programmers says, "Sorry, not interested!" THAT would be a huge distaster and could stop your project DEAD in its tracks.

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