Virtual Staff Finder - - Did anyone used it?

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I'm considering whether to use Virtual Staff Finder or not

It's a company that finds a worker for you from Philippines.

Did anyone used it?

Is it worth trying?
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    I will suggest you to use and
    There are more Filipinos there you can trust.
    i didnt bother trying that one.
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    Hi AbdullahKaragoz,

    I'm a Filipino and I work for (girl in the video ). I haven't tried the site that you mentioned but OSF (OutsourceFactor) is a good place to search for people who are interested in a steady job, like a VA. We have a lot of resumes that you can scan through with people that are willing to work on a per month basis. Check it out!
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    Originally Posted by AbdullahKaragoz View Post


    I'm considering whether to use Virtual Staff Finder or not

    It's a company that finds a worker for you from Philippines.

    Did anyone used it?

    Is it worth trying? might be worth checking out
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    hi. i always use the (2) sites that i am sure for the good outcome and relationship. and You can find there Filipinos that are trustworthy and reliable workers. They can do daily tasks or a one time job. But, you will pay them in an hourly basis in a cheaper price. Just be good to them. I can assure you that they are very trustworthy workers.
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    I recently signed up to use virtual staff finder. They say the sourcing can take 7 to 14 days. They sent email that I would have my 3 VA recommendations by Friday December 7th. Friday came and when and I got no response so the next day I sent them an email and requested a refund. They immediately sent email back on Monday saying that they were incorrect on the deadline they gave me originally and the "real" deadline was actually Monday. They do not give refunds they said also. I got a list of 3 VA about 10 minutes after their email saying they don't offer refunds. Well I was scheduled to interview the 3 VAs tonight at 6, 6:30 and 7 PM. The first VA scheduled for 6 NEVER showed up. I am killing time waiting for second interview at 6:30. From my experience so far, virtual staff finder gets 2 thumbs down from me.

    Before going with virtual staff finder, I tried I contacted 11 writers and asked if they were interested in a position. I said I wanted them all to write a short 500 word article first that I would pay $10. Only one person out of 11 responded and that person never submitted a writing sample.

    I have used other writers on odesk and actually hired 3 writers. Only 1 delivered the final product and I had to cancel the contract with the other 2.
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    I've been thinking of using also.. I did found some good reviews from other people around the web but ratracegrad just scared me off.. that is pretty bad service what you described..

    I know owner of VSF is a member here (don't remember his name / nick though).. hope he finds this thread and reacts on that..
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    Update onmy experience withe virtual staff finder. I eventually did talk to all 3 applicants though it was an hour later than scheduled. I asked all 3 to write me a sample 500 word article that I would pay $10 for. Only 1 of 3 wrote an article. Have nothing but a negative experience with virtual staff finder. Paid money and only got 3 candidates after their stated deadline, late shows for interview, 2 candidates were a wash. Definitely did not get what I paid for with their service.
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    Here if my final update on my experience with virtual staff finder. They finally presented me with 3 candidates that they prescreended for my writing project. I asked all 3 to write me a sample article that I would pay for. I gave them 3 days to complete the writing sample. Only 1 of the 3 wrote the sample. One did send me a note 2 days after deadline after I followed up with her to check status to say that she didn't write the sample because she missed deadline and didn't think I would accept it. The last candidate never responded to any follow up that I sent her.

    My project was for a part time va that would write between 4-6 articles a day 5 days a week. I got candidates that I thought would be prescreened to do writing. 2 of the 3 completely failed in this area.

    I followed up with VSF to see what they thought we should do considering the failure of the 2 candidates. I got an email back from VSF saying that the one candidate that did not complete by deadline but did email me 2 days after deadline would work on sample and get it completed. They contacted the last candidate that never responded to me and said she was still working on the writing assignment and just had not completed it yet but will be sending it over when it was finished. VSF then asked if I wanted to hire the one candidate that did write the sample article.

    Not wanting to wait on 2 candidates that could not complete a sample article in a week's time, I just file a dispute with paypal asking for a refund. The company did the honorable thing and promply refunded my money within an hour.

    The company did say that sometimes things can happen beyond their control since they are just a staffing agency and there is some truth in this comment. The good thing is they clearly said they tood the attitude that the buck stops with them and they take responsibility and refunded my payment. This was the best example of quality service that I had received in the past month with VSF.

    I am going to continue working on finding a part time VA to handle writing for me so I will not rule out using VSF again in the future but will make sure that they met my requirements.
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    yeah, Virtual Staff Finder is a established company, but the problem they seem to have is that they recruit staff that is not really up to the task... I moved here to the Philippines to manage my own team because I ran into too many problems with all the outsourcing companies out there.

    so, if you want to find out a bit more about what I learned, check out my blog.

    If you have any questions, shoot me an email at or shoot me a PM.
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        If you are looking for reliable VA for your company then visit Having more than 10 years of experience in the industry and 85% of client repetition ratio.
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        Originally Posted by MattWilkie View Post

        Agree with you BobbyHicks did try to have a look at your website but its doing a redirect?
        I am also based in the Philippines with my own staff primarily Telesales and Telemarketing but expanding into Virtual Assistants currently with our own business Virtual Assistants what I will say is getting the right people out of the Philippines isn't easy!

        I spend just as much time screening people as I do dealing with clients. Adding to that we have introduced tutorials for weekends (staff can come in at the weekends for free and expand their knowledge and skill base).

        The big problem you get (getting back on topic!) is people here generally tell they can do something to get the job. Doesn't take long to find out they can't and this is probably what happened with your content writers AbdullahKaragoz. Would take a guess that they hadn't been screened prior to it and may have filled in information online?? We don't do home working at my office and all contracts run from us for that very reason. You can not guarantee quality by stuff being done online if your not monitoring the people themselves.

        Prime example of where it goes sour is things like Freelancer where you have people subbing jobs out that they won or agreed to do elsewhere. A job that was $6 - $9 ends up $2 - $3 for the person who is doing it and the person paying and person doing get ripped off by middle men.
        Adding to that we have had to add home based agents recently due to the numbers a client is requesting. But even then we have put it onto "commission" not at clients request but ours. As hiring extra people remotely they will need to prove themselves to hit target. Reduced risk for everyone at the same time we are only looking for experienced people.
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    email send bobby..

    Jennifer thanks for the feedback.. you changed my mind about trying them out..
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    I never got the email. Let me check my spam.
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    Yeah, I checked my spam and my all mail folder as well as the spelling of the email I posted. Everything seems to be correct. I still never received your email.
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