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Who has experience with both? What are the differences between these two products? I took Mike Filsaime up on his offer to get butterfly marketing. There are many things I don't like about how Mike Filsaime markets but I still like him and he is a great marketer.

Rapid Action Profits seems like it will be simpler to use and have more support and help available. I like the fact that you can do membership sites with RAP now and don't know if Butterfly Marketing has this option.

So, from people that have experience with both, what are the differences and what are your recommendations?
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    don't know much about RAP, but you can DEFINITELY do Membership Sites with the Butterfly Script.

    that's exactly what the butterfly script is - a membership script.

    everyone that joins a butterfly site since there were butterfly sites
    are required to choose a password so they can log back in to access
    whatever is inside.

    hope this helps

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    I've installed and modified both at great length for our own projects, partner projects and for clients as well. There are a great many differences between the two. I'm not even sure where to begin, so I'll start with what I'm sure everyone else is wondering about.

    The first question I have to ask is about Mike Filsaime's Butterfly script, which many people payed upwards of nearly $2,000 usd for. Now he's giving this away ? ? ? Am I the only one who saw his ad on The 7 Figure Secrets promotion where he told people that absolutely NO ONE had gotten access to his BFM v2 script and that he wasn't planning to sell it or give access to it for anyone, other than previous customers?

    Now he's GIVING IT AWAY for the cost of shipping in hopes of getting what? Maybe some more subscribers to his monthly "forced continuity" program? Honestly I'm not at all complaining about the continuity end of things, but there are ethics to consider in this where people spent their hard earned money for something he's now giving away to the first 5,000 (then quadrupled that number I'm told) people.

    Getting back to quality, the BFM was not as easy to install with v1, nor was it overly simple to edit and modify for our previous clients. In fact one of our partners was an absolute DIE HARD FAN of Mike Filsaime and beat himself to death figuratively speaking trying to get things to work for him over and over until he finally gave up resolving that this script wouldn't meet his needs. At this point he paid another $1,500 usd for a second script that he doesn't like either, bringing his total to nearly $3,500 + any upsells he purchased!

    Now we come to the RAP (rapid action profits) script, where the total cost is $177 and there are multiple addons, one of which includes the subscription option and another you can use for memberships, both sold as one "unit" for the best effect at $127 last time I checked. That would bring the total to a whopping $300 or so, which is less than 10% of what my associate above spent for the 2 scripts that still don't meet his needs.

    Then we come to the concept that the RAP script is easier to install, easier to modify and comes with a multitude of addon options available at very reasonable prices. This makes this an AMAZING script when you're trying to put out an all in one web promotion.

    And did I mention that the RAP comes with a built in PayPal ready affiliate program that pays out INSTANTLY making things a lot easier for the promoter not only with keeping track of their affiliate's sales, but also when it comes to tax time as you don't pay taxes on products that YOU do not bring in commissions for. The RAP also has a built in optin that will help you create an on-site "squeeze page" or even add "coupons" to possibly incentivise your website viewer to buy. This is great for the built in JV option that you can use (all able to be coded for exclusive opportunities) so that if you want a partner to have a code you give this ONLY to them and can even set it up to expire after a set period of time so that there is a good reason to sign up now. :-)

    If you have any further questions please feel free to message Richard Wing or William Ortell, both software addon developers for this program and Warriors. Also Ken Reno, myself and the creator of the RAP - Sid Hale - are all Warriors. I'm not personally a member of any affiliated "team" or "programming groups", but I have worked extensively with BOTH programs and I can tell you with all certainty there is ONE program for me and only ONE program that I recommend when asked.

    Jeffrey S. Wyrick
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    If you catch Bill (William Ortell) when he's online in the support chat he may be open to talking to you about this. He's a great guy and works hard to keep the integrity of his work, but at the same time he knows the economy is down. All in all I've known most of these guys almost 2 years now and I can tell you without a doubt that the best part I'm impressed with wasn't even mentioned. As a customer I have logged in to chat, even at 3:00 am and STILL gotten help when I needed it within minutes. I have never had that kind of customer experience, nor have I ever been THAT impressed with any other web marketing software that I've used, excluding Market Samurai, which is meant more for Keyword Research and is in my humble opinion equally as much of a STEAL and I hope that more people see this while the price is low.

    Honestly, if you haven't seen it yet and want to please use the link below;

    Rapid Action Profits

    this is NOT my affiliate link and I don't make a dime if you buy, but I do know that you will have one of the BEST customer experiences ever if you do get this software and I can't see enough good things about the program or the software developers. :-)

    Jeffrey S. Wyrick
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      As Internet Marketers (and non-programmers) having used both BFM and RAP extensively, we unequivocally recommend RAP to all of our colleagues & coaching clients as THE "must have" software for transacting any successful business online.

      This recommendation, however, goes far beyond a discussion of features and benefits and lies at the core of the man behind RAP - Sid Hale. For Sid, RAP is not this year's "project" or marketing event, it is his passion and full-time business.

      This is evidenced by his dedication to not only constantly and consistently improving the core software, but also acknowleging the benefits to RAP owners by enjoining others in creating add-ons that will enhance and mutually benefit the entire RAP community.

      Instead of lumping in 100s of features that any given marketer would not live long enough to fully implement, and subsequently raising the price skyhigh to keep all the profits for himself - he's kept RAP a well rounded, fully featured product with a pricepoint affordable to all; and then lets the user decide which add-ons will suit their needs. As a business model alone, others would fair well to model this as a standard.

      Needless to say, with this type of mentality at the foundation, the product itself is solid, well documented, user friendly (even for non-techies) and rigorous testing goes into every conceivable configuration PRIOR to any release or update. And when the extremely rare bug is found, it is dispensed with swiftly.

      When Bill Ortell released the Membership Plus Add-on, this was the icing on the proverbial cake - and true to form of all the people that Sid attracts, Bill's ethics and standards are an equal match to the quality and functionality of the membership add-on which puts untold power in the hands of buyers who are wisely adding membership sites to their business models.

      We even postponed a major launch to wait until Bill released the add-on, because we knew that the power RAP and the membership add-on would pack, was just the combination that would make our launch highly attractive and seemless. And I am happy to report that we are current 72 hours into that very same launch and there has not been one bug, hiccup or glitch from start to finish; and the direct to Paypal feature of commission payment has resulted in 337 JV partners who are eager to promote because of the known reliability factor of the platform we chose.

      If there's one thing we've learned throughout many years and a multitude of software programs, is that no matter what features any software might claim - history speaks for itself.

      RAP's quality, reputation, customer support track record, and the community of programmers and users that has evolved as a result of Sid Hale being at the helm has made RAP 2nd to NONE!

      Greg Mulac
      Stephanie Mulac

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    Well, well...

    One of the most interesting debates these days!

    So let's see:

    BFM v2.0 is the new "flagship" of Mike Filsaime's marketing that amazingly or not, was offered for free, to the first 5,000 "lucky people" -- I'm one of them, don't be mislead by this auto irony -- then...
    to 10,000 more....
    then some 5,000 more...

    Hey, do YOU see a pattern here?

    I can fully understand why people like Jeff up there were pissed to pay so much in the beginning when they come to see the value of their investment flushed to the toilet now.
    But as only v2.0 is given away... maybe they may keep their old script and in a few years from now -- when already became an "antiquity" -- re-sell it for collectionaries.
    I've told my wife a few years back to keep our old vinyl LP records that she dumped to the bin -- nowadays we could have been making good money selling them on eBay...

    Now, back to our debate. I guess it's obviously "biased" in a weird way. That is because I happen to own RAP script, while only "waiting" for the new BFM to arrive.

    Can I honestly say that I like RAP better than BFM? The answer is NO.

    Why's that?
    Simply because I didn't use BFMv2.0 yet. Therefore, I can not say neither what I like at it nor what I don't.

    But one thing I can tell you for sure: I will never suffer from the feelings Jeff experienced (I've got my BFM for free, so I'm safe), because the value of RAP is always getting higher.

    Now, a few words about RAP.
    But first...


    There is a short story/joke about the three tailors that were located on Tailor's Street in some far away middle east town... guess where...

    Trying to be more visible to his clients, the first one posted a banner on the front of his house:

    "Here works the best tailor in town"

    After a week or so, seeing all people from his business buzzing about the new banner and witnessing a slightly decreasing income, the second tailor ordered a new banner to be hanged on his wall:

    "Here works the best tailor in the world"

    Bold affirmation, right? But it worked, 'cause many people switched back to him and even many from his competitors. His business was booming now...

    The third one, seeing the success the first two had in advertising their businesses, wanted to do something similar, but being moderate, honest and modest enough to be sincere in his approach, hanged a banner on the front:

    "Here works the best tailor on this street"


    Maybe I should rest this here, obviously showing you in this way my great respect and admiration for Sid Hale, the creator of RAP.

    But I won't, simply because some people reading this post may not know him enough to make a decision.

    I want to tell you that I don't honestly think that RAP is the best script in the world. In the end, there are some very expensive out there that I didn't have the chance or even taste to test (LOL).

    But nevertheless, RAP seems to be THE script that any marketer trying to sell some info-products online should have.
    So I think, it is the best on its class (or street), given the features and price.

    All the benefits for you come from that mix plus a few more, like the open architecture that allows good software programmers to build addons according to the market needs, last -- but not least -- to mention being the support.

    I'll tell you what. Given the support that NOT ONLY Sid Hale gives you through multiple channels (Helpdesk only one of them, but the greatest being the Forum) there is nothing equal; really, no competition.

    I found myself things I wish RAP would have and didn't.
    I have then programmed something that I wouldn't call it an addon, but a supplementary layer for editing its templates (BTW, any sort of templates from other PHP scripts may be also edited) with an WYSIWYG editor.

    Was I unsatisfied by the missing features? Well, no! On the contrary... I was happy to add my own little piece to the whole.

    When I started to talk to various people on the Forum about what I thought it was necessary, many other marketers around agreed and helped quite a lot to define the needs better and to test it in beta, even Sid Hale himself...

    Now, please give it a shot... Go try asking Mike Filsaime if he would agree that you do something around his proprietary technology and product.

    Come back here and let me know... others too... Did he agree?

    I'm sooo curious!
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      I just wanted to chime in briefly to say, RAP is an awesome program, for all of the reasons already mentioned. There has been a lot of dedication, time and heart put into making it what it is. It has a very loyal group of followers because of that and finding someone to help you when you do have problems is never hard.

      As mentioned, the Service can't be beat. With more and more add-ons being added all the time, it is become even better and some of my original frustrations, are quickly being solved.

      Now having said that, like has been mentioned already, I wouldn't go as far as to say it is the BEST software or even the end all be all software either... It has a definite niche and purpose, one which even Sid will be quick to point out if asked... RAP is great for digital downloads that you have created or you have full rights too... RAP works well with PayPal, which if a limitation were there, that might be it. You must use PayPal as your payment processor. Nothing wrong with that, but it does definitely create a niche and market and can be an item of consideration.

      You can beat the price, the service or the fact that you are part of a great company people that you can feel proud to belong to. In addition, it's a one time purchase, a truley unselfish act on the part of the developer... knowing that you get lifetime upgrades, that you benefit from and Sid just keeps on giving, because I believe he truly cares about his customers. You will feel like and know you are a valued customer and you definitely can't beat that.

      As to BFM, I'm very familiar with it and know of many people that have used it. I haven't used it nor do I plan to use it as, I just don't like the interface and the "in the box" way that it works. I have seen other software programs that are very similar to much of what I have seen in the BFM script and I just wasn't that impressed.

      This does not in any way mean, the script doesn't work... I just personally don't have the same trust and feel that RAP has... even though I don't use it a lot either. If looking at only being able to decide between these two scripts, would lean way further to the RAP software.

      But if you have another choice... I would strongly recommend, aMember... another very powerful script, that is very different than RAP, works very different and designed very different and in no way better than, but different than. aMember is the most flexible and perhaps powerful program I have seen for it's ability to integrate with virtually ANYTHING out there. It is unlimited in scope, it can work across many domains, although it can only be licensed to one domain... unlike RAP and BFW which can be used on as many different domains as you choose, i.e. being installed on many different domains.

      But even if this can be seen as a slight limitation, aMember has that all in one interface that will easily run and manage webspace in as many domains as you want, with as many different membership levels and types as you can image or create, making it easy to find, move, transfer and share any information about all your customers, affiliates and JV partners... as all of your contacts are in one place for your entire empire.

      Sorry, I know this wasn't about another program, but about RAP and BFW... Just get RAP, you will not regret it and if you really need more, you should check out aMember... and no, I'm not a rep of any of these software programs... just sharing my honest opinion... for whatever that is worth.
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    Very interesting thread.

    I have used both scripts. Here is my thoughts after experiencing them quite extensively.

    I hated BFM with a passion as it was buggy as hell. I switched to RAP thinking that it was better, as it appears easier to use (less template to mess around), and a larger crowd of following...

    I thought BFM had a lot of patches, not until I used RAP. Then I realized debugging is just every other script problem!

    Everyone else says RAP is a breeze to use, but I just could not get it right. Every time a new patch came out, I just could not "get" it. Why again?! Luckily, Sid helped me fix a few times for the upgrade. Now, I don't feel good any more to submit any support ticket just asking for support to upgrade the script! I just gave up using it for once!

    As a result of not being able to get RAP through my head, I purchased two RAP video courses trying to learn how to use RAP properly, as I am more of a visual person. They were created by other RAP users, sold at $17 and $37. I thought they would solve my technical incompetence. They surely helped, but not by a long shot, as the videos do not cover ALL the addon possibilities that RAP has.

    Speaking of addons, if you want additional functions to come with RAP, e.g. Bonus Addon, Time-Limits Addon... and etc. each one would cost you $37-47. If you want membership addon, it's another $127. RAP sells at $177 at the time of writing.

    Lastly, there is one thing I still don't get through - this happened with other RAP users on the RAP forums. You need to mess around with the three templates. My head exploded when I could not figure out why my count-down pop up did not appear, after 2-3 hours' effort... I needed to ask Sid for help for that.

    On the other hand, BFM has really evolved over time and improved quite a lot since it comes to version 2.08. It integrates with twitter and other viral tools e.g. ViralInviter. The fact, that BFM automatically generates an affiliate ID that really helps lazy affiliate to promote your sites by just copy and paste!

    After BFM 2.08, people can access free $97 BFM training videos. You can put up a site, by following the free video. I think you should be able to get a BFM site up and running in 2-3 hours, if you are totally new. Mind you though, the support for BFM is very poor compared to RAP's.

    BFM can also do 100% paypal payout directly to the affiliates. I found using the control panel that BFM provides gives me a better sense of control, while you need to play with all the txt codes with RAP, which is not-so-intuitive to me.

    Also, you need to think about how you market your RAP or BFM sites, if you want to use Clickbank and leverages on the extensive affiliate base, forget RAP, use BFM. RAP utilizes ONLY Paypal and Clickbank is out of the picture.

    If you want to grow your site by crediting your members, say 3 referrals for your free report, use BFM! No doubt about it.

    I've decided to stick with BFM, after a lot of consideration, as it offers more flexibility from a marketing point of view. RAP does have its strength, but to me, it's not really "Everything In A Box" solution, so to speak. You need to buy add-ons, which I did - FYI, I've purchased at least 3 additional addons so far. I found it tiring to install the addons every time I needed to install a new site, which is definitely a bad idea.

    However, if you want quick and dirty way to promote your products, just simply use RAP, no need to use any addons. Save the money. Create more products to sell is the way to go. (If you are a private forum member, check out Allen's post re: how to use RAP). $7 type of report goes well with RAP. I might also use RAP for some of my minisites in the future, but in general, I will stick with BFM, as I want more of a membership type of site.

    Speaking of membership sites, I've had a chance to check out some RAP membership sites. I am sure, the script does what it says on the sales page. But the promotional templates generated from the backend, from a marketing point of view are not as attractive, compared to BFM. If I were an affiliate, I may not want to promote them.

    Although RAP sells for $177, if you factor all those additional addon that you desire, you will end up $300 or above.

    My recommendation?
    If you are a bit more technical, use BFM. Expect NO support from Mike F..
    If you need a lot of tech support, go with RAP. You will end up spending more than $177 (I am sure), as you will want additional addon for more marketing effects e.g. count-down timer and etc. If you need membership site, add $127 as well.

    For more info on BFM:

    After building a couple of BFM sites, I can put up a BFM site in 15-20 minutes now, if I have all the templates ready. But that's just me... I know different person would have different preference, and I just hope my opinion helps.

    ​​​​​​​ Free and Easy Does Not Exist? What if there is an exception...

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      I believe you are entitled to your own opinion, just as anyone else... and I don't want to look like being biased here... just because I like RAP more than BFM.
      However, if the RAP Templates System
      (which I believe in fact to be a GREAT idea) is giving you a headache to work with, let me tell you something... I was feeling the same in the beginning.

      BUT, at least those are editable easily outside of the system itself. You may customize everything according to what you like... This should be a PLUS, I think.

      Therefore, I'd rather stick with them a lil' bit more and make them work, rather then dump the idea.

      However, here's what I did:

      Experiencing difficulties at editing with a WYSIWYG editor, because of the three part system and the PHP tokens included, I was simply asking myself:
      "How could this be made to work?"
      (and I don't want to break any kind of rules here and blatantly promote my own solutions...)

      So I simply did what other people -- I mean software developers -- did before and tried to add more value to RAP.
      I didn't build an addon in itself, but an overlay software (which may be used, BTW, with many other split templates systems, starting with WP or even any .html AR message...)

      Bottomline... before you say goodbye to RAP because of its great feature that is the three part templates, why don't you give it a try with my software?
      And please, don't use it with RAP only, but with BFM too.

      After that, if you'll decide you still like BFM better, I'll rest my case.


      If you'll find RAP is easier to work with, I will grant you an instant JV partnership for TG and a free copy and license to it as a bonus.

      That's how much I love RAP!
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